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 An Attempted Fight at Miami Central High School Leads to 3 Suspects Being Brought in to Court

An attempted fight at a Miami Central High School led to three adult suspects being taken into police custody

In a shocking turn of events, three adults found their way onto the Miami Central High School premises, sparking outrage and worry among parents, educators, and students alike. Victims’ family members were allowed to present their impact statements in court, expressing outrage, fear and disappointment, especially in light of recent terrors and acts of violence on high school campuses. In fact, just last week it was announced that the Parkland Shooter, Nicolas Cruz will undergo a second trial to determine his penalty, making it all the more somber that another major fight at a local high school escalated so much.  

Details about the incident that took place

The suspects in question were 22-year-old David Peak, 18-year-old laquayle Peak and 23-year-old Tranesha Housen, who were allegedly affiliated with and involved in a brawl that happened on campus. The families of victims spoke in court saying the trio was present on campus as a backup entourage for one of the students involved in the fight. According to enraged family members, they came to settle the score and assault the students the co-defendant took an issue with.  

A high school hallway with various students walking along.

What is currently happening

Two out of three suspects are still in jail, while one is out on bond, as court hearings proceed. Students, families, and Miami Central High School management, along with the general public are appalled by the incident and are pushing for stricter action and protection under the law.

It’s shocking to hear about incidents like this that directly endanger students who are on campus, which is meant to be a safe space, and a place of learning, education, tolerance, and growth. Instead, violence on school campuses like Miami Central High School is increasing at an alarming rate and it’s time to reflect on what can be done to address this as a society.  

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