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Fed agent Jorge Arias was accidentally shot by a fellow agent leaving a sad family behind

A fed agent Jorge Arias, was killed in a role-play scenario by a fellow agent

On Wednesday October 19, 2022, an agent of the U.S Customs and Border Protection, Jorge Arias, was killed at a gun range in West Miami-Dade. Sources revealed that Jorge Arias was shot accidentally by another agent.

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Who was Jorge Arias?

Fed agent Jorge Arias was a 40-year veteran firearms instructor who had been working for the federal agency for the last nine years. Jorge Arias’ wife, Ana Mary Arias, said that her late husband worked on the Miami International Airport detail and was a U.S. Coast Guard reservist.

She further added that her husband belonged to a small family but always said he had a big family—his law enforcement family.

How did the incident occur?

a gun lying around

The incident occurred when the agents were role-playing a scenario. Unfortunately, the agent who shot Jorge Arias accidentally used his handgun rather than the training pistol. However, no further details about this mistake have been shared.

After Jorge Arias was shot, he was airlifted to Jackson Memorial Hospital by Miami-Dade Fire Rescue, but the doctors couldn't save the fed agent. Jorge Arias’s death led to a massive procession at Jackson Memorial Hospital's Ryder Trauma Center.

Miami-Dade Police is considering the agent’s death in the line of duty. If that’s the case, then fed agent Jorge Arias will be the third law enforcement officer in South Florida to die while on duty in the last two months.

On August 18, Cesar Echaverry, a Miami-Dade Police Detective, died after a shootout with an armed robbery suspect. On August 20, 3 weeks after being involved in an automobile accident while attending to a building alarm, Jose Perez, a special agent at the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, passed away.

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