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Traveling with fake designer bags can be dangerous

Fake designer bags may call for unnecessary attention from authorities

When it comes to designer bags, you shouldn’t rely on “fake it till you make it” advice. It can lead you to the hands of authorities trying to crack down on counterfeit goods and their commercial shipments. Authorities at the airports are hunting for intellectual property infringement of luxury goods that people wear or carry.

So wearing fake designer bags purchased from a replica factory or street store can affect both travelers and buyers. Continue reading this news article for more details.

Authorities are on high alert for fake designer bags

Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, Georgia recently reported a crackdown on fake merchandise. Customs & Border Patrol personnel told the travelers about the dangers of traveling with counterfeit goods. One of the passengers learned that the cigarettes he has purchased can contain lethal or harmful ingredients or grass from someone’s backyard.

The officers also warned travelers that carrying these counterfeit goods can lead to forfeiture. So if Customs find you carrying fake designer bags, they will take it from you. Doesn’t matter how, when or where you purchased it from, they don’t welcome fake products anymore.

Branded Handbag display inside the store

France pioneering in stringent laws

Though it was the first instance of forfeiture in the US, France has already enacted these laws banning counterfeit products. Since most luxury handbag brands are French, it’s no surprise that France was the first country to impose these regulations.

They posted signs in airports throughout Paris to warn people that carrying or purchasing fake goods is a crime. Anyone violating this law would be subject to three years in prison along with a penalty of €300,000. The customs authorities in France are also trained to recognize fake products.

But France isn’t the only country on a hunt to take down counterfeits. Similar warnings are posted in the Roman airport. The glass cases contained counterfeits of designer wares seized by the customs officials.

The purpose of banning and forfeiting fake goods is to prevent many severe implications ranging from economic, legal, health, safety and legal. It’s better to leave replica handbags at home instead of flying with them.

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