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DeSantis signs five bills on pronouns, minors at drag shows, bathrooms and more

Gov. Ron DeSantis signed bills limiting that will oversee school conversations on pronouns and more

On Wednesday, May 17, 2023, Governor Ron DeSantis signed five bills one by one. These bills will rule school conversations around pronouns, group payers, and other activities before starting a sporting event and gender-affirming bathrooms and other care.

The law also directs businesses to keep children out of adult entertainment shows and orders sex-separate locker rooms for state workers and student-athletes.

More on the bills in the news below.

“Let Kids Be Kids”

These bills are part of DeSantis’s “Let Kids Be Kids” campaign. The placard of the same was displayed on stage at Cambridge Christian School, where the governor spoke.

Cambridge Christian School was put through a legal trial in 2015. The school students were not allowed to pray at a sporting event between University Christian School and Cambridge. The head of Cambridge said that they would pray in the next championship over a loudspeaker.

A college student from Minnesota was also present at the time who had undergone gender reassignment surgery. He spoke against it, stating that he just needed help and a chance to grow.

DeSantis also criticized Public Schools in Hillsborough County, claiming that the board has allowed pornographic material. The County School Board addressed the issue in Marsh to challenge a call “This Book Is Gay”. The board removed the nonfiction book from school libraries.

The governor also said that Hillsborough policies allegedly allow kids to pick their pronouns at school and hide them at home. The district spokesperson, however, denied the existence of such policies.


Five bills signed in Cambridge

DeSantis five bills, namely SB 254, which puberty blockers and sex reassignment surgeries for children; HV 1069, which mandates that teachers shouldn’t ask students about their pronouns; HB 1438, which prohibits an adult from taking a minor to drag shows and other such performances; HB 1521 which mandates detention facilities, educational institutions, juvenile correctional facilities, public buildings, and correctional institutions to designate changing and restroom facilities based on a person’s birth sex or provide unisex facilities and HB 225 which requires virtual school, home school, and private school students to participate in activities such as sports at private and public schools irrespective of zip code.

Equality Florida advocacy group criticized the event and bills. The group held a virtual conference to call out the governor for his anti-LGBTQ legislation. While many parents and students support DeSantis’s decision, advocacy groups and Democratic leaders have remarked these bills as several steps back in terms of equality and progress.

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