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Heat vs. Knicks: New York Knicks beat Miami Heat

The New York Knicks secured victory over Miami Heat in game 5 and avoided elimination from the conference semifinals 

Presently, the conference semifinals are underway following the completion of the NBA playoffs. Prior to game 5, which took place on Wednesday, May 10, 2023, many questioned whether Nicks would be able to extend their season.

Their win against Heat made it sure. New York Knicks won against Miami Heat during game 5 of the conference semifinals. More about the game is in this news below.

Jalen Brunson stole the show

The New York Knicks won game 5 at Madison Square Garden thanks to the 2nd and 3rd quarters, where they outscored the Miami Heat by a combined 20 points. These points were crucial in taking the reins of the game into their hands.

The Knicks were able to secure the victory with a 112-103 score. Jalen Brunson of the Knicks showed up when the team needed him. Brunson finished 38 points, 7 assists, and 9 rebounds to help New York Knicks have the direly-needed victory of the season.

But he isn’t the only one who stole the show. Julius Randle and RJ Barrett assisted Brunson with a combined 48 points, 7 assists, and 10 rebounds. Jimmy Butler of the Miami Heat led the score with 19 points. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to help Heat with a successful comeback.

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Knicks extend their season

With this win, the New York Knicks continue to extend their season. The next game, i.e., game 6 will take place on Friday night in South Beach. They will need another win to keep up and advance to the finals. If not, Miami Heat will automatically earn its place in the conference final. This will be Heat’s 3rd appearance in the finals if the Knicks lose game 6.

In the first round of the season, NY forces were riding high after beating Cleveland Cavaliers. They entered the 2nd round. Miami forces won against Milwaukee Bucks, thus, increasing their confidence.

However, losing games 1, 3, and 4 at home ground made it worse. According to Julius Randle, Miami Heat needed the game 5 win more than the Knicks. Though the Heat lost game 5, they can still make a comeback if the NY Knicks loses their game in South Beach.

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