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Miami-Dade Commissioner Cabrera teams up to empower seniors and enhance property protections

Commissioner Cabrera's initiatives promise brighter futures for Miami-Dade's senior residents, with a focus on energy efficiency and property protection

Miami-Dade County residents can rejoice as Commissioner Kevin Marino Cabrera takes bold steps to safeguard property owners and provide crucial assistance to low-income seniors. In a resounding victory for community protection, the Board of County Commissioners unanimously passed a resolution sponsored by Commissioner Cabrera on February 6.

This groundbreaking resolution, aptly named Empowering Property Protection, sets stringent guidelines for Property Assessment Clean Energy (PACE) entities, ensuring greater transparency and accountability.

About empowering seniors property protection

With the goal of fostering trust and security among residents, the resolution mandates PACE entities to promptly report any interruptions in service, terminations, cancellations, or suspension of agreements.

Additionally, it prohibits misrepresentations and false statements, compelling PACE entities to confirm sufficient financing and valid email addresses for participants. Commissioner Cabrera, a staunch advocate for community welfare, emphasized the significance of this resolution in bolstering homeowner confidence, stating, "Our community deserves peace of mind when investing in energy-efficient improvements for their homes." This landmark initiative marks a pivotal moment in Miami-Dade's commitment to protecting residents and fostering a resilient community.

Under the auspices of Empowering Property Protection, Miami-Dade County sets a new standard for accountability and transparency in the realm of property assessments. By mandating PACE entities to report disruptions in service promptly, homeowners are empowered with timely information, enabling them to make informed decisions about their investments.

The resolution's prohibition of misrepresentations and false statements serves as a formidable deterrent against unscrupulous practices, safeguarding homeowners against potential exploitation. Moreover, by requiring PACE entities to confirm sufficient financing and valid email addresses for participants, Commissioner Cabrera ensures that homeowners have access to reliable resources and support throughout their energy-efficient journey.

This holistic approach to property protection reflects Commissioner Cabrera's unwavering commitment to prioritizing the well-being and interests of Miami-Dade's diverse community.

Seniors in a community park

Partnering for Senior Support

In a testament to his dedication to community empowerment, Commissioner Cabrera unveils an exciting collaboration with the Latin Builders Association (LBA) and Ygrene Energy Fund to bolster support for low-income seniors in Miami-Dade County. This groundbreaking partnership, fueled by a $600,000.00 funding allocation over the next three years, aims to provide financial and technical assistance to eligible seniors, enabling them to enhance the energy efficiency of their homes.

By leveraging the expertise and resources of the LBA and Ygrene Energy Fund, Commissioner Cabrera seeks to alleviate financial burdens and empower seniors to make impactful improvements to their living spaces. These upgrades not only promise to reduce energy bills but also contribute to the county's broader environmental goals, fostering a more sustainable and resilient community.

Commissioner Cabrera's unwavering commitment to uplifting the lives of Miami-Dade's seniors underscores his vision of an inclusive and thriving community, where every resident has the opportunity to thrive.

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