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Elon Musk: Apples’ Twitter removal threat was a misunderstanding

Elon Musk settles the Twitter removal dispute after a conversation with Tim Cook

Elon Musk claims that he has cleared up a misunderstanding with Apple, who he said had threatened to remove Twitter's app from its app store.

In a series of tweets published on Wednesday, Twitter's new owner claimed to have had a pleasant talk with Apple CEO Tim Cook and that the company had never contemplated removing the social media platform.

About the Elon Musk Twitter dispute

The wealthiest man on Earth denounced the world 's most prized firm this week, stating that Apple had threatened to remove his newly acquired social media platform from the App Store due to the company's strict policies and costs.

The multibillionaire CEO tweeted that Apple had threatened to remove Twitter from the App Store with no explanation.

Apple has not made a public statement about the issue, but the company usually informs developers if changes are required to bring programs in line with App Store guidelines. When Musk first said that Apple threatened to pull Twitter, it was an indication of the platform's worsening financial situation.

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How the matter was resolved

After Musk's outburst, he and Apple CEO Tim Cook reportedly met to discuss the situation. On Wednesday, a few hours before his misinterpreted tweet, Musk shared a video of a pond he claimed to have seen at Apple's headquarters and thanked Tim Cook for showing him around.

As a result of Mr. Elon Musk's proposed changes to Twitter's content moderation policies, numerous companies have suspended advertising on the platform. The majority of Twitter's income comes from this type of spending. This could be a devastating blow to Musk's newly acquired social media platform, so the meeting between these two tech titans was highly necessary.

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