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The First Annual Community Champion Community Cocktail Party was like a renewal of intentions for all its winners not just Eileen Higgins

On October 9, 2019 we at Calle Ocho News celebrated our First Annual Community Champion Awards Cocktail Party during Hispanic Heritage with our neighborhood sponsor the International Finance Bank located at 777 SW 37 Ave. Miami, FL 33135.  The reason that we decided to host such an event is because we feel that our community members need to be appreciated. There are several citizens in our community that take it upon themselves to make sure that things are done on a regular basis to protect the integrity and the culture of our neighborhood without any recognition. It is because they do not need praise or recognition that makes these individuals so deserving of such an honor.  Having served the community for the last 18.5 years positions us perfectly to acknowledge the individuals that take the initiative in inciting change and preservation.

community championcommunity championCommunity ChampionCommunity ChampionCommunity ChampionFOod 1 300x200 - Eileen Higgins named Top 2019 Community ChampionFuller mm and plaque 300x200 - Eileen Higgins named Top 2019 Community ChampionLA Tradicion 300x200 - Eileen Higgins named Top 2019 Community Championme and asst 300x200 - Eileen Higgins named Top 2019 Community ChampionDANCE COUPLE 300x200 - Eileen Higgins named Top 2019 Community ChampionCR table 300x200 - Eileen Higgins named Top 2019 Community ChampionEileen HigginsSweet treats 300x200 - Eileen Higgins named Top 2019 Community ChampionThis years Top Champion was Commissioner Eileen Higgins who spear headed the completion of the Flagler Construction that was going on for three years and causing small businesses to close.  We also honored Teresa Callava (Kiwanis of Little Havana), Mercy Saladrigas (Camacol), Juan Mullerat (Plusurbia), Martin Pinilla (Live Healthy Little Havana), Bill Fuller (The Barlington Group), Katherine Fernandez Rundle (State Attorney), Madelyn Rodriguez (Centro Mater), Antonio Wagner (Net Office), Marta Laura Zayas (Little Havana Neighborhood Association), Laura Gonzalez (Vecinos en acción), Betty Alonso (Connect Familias), Francesco Duberli (Survivors Pathways), Pablo Canton (Volunteer and Artist), Marisol Blanco (Dance Teacher at Koubek Center Miami Dade College), Brigid Baker (6th Street Dance Studio), Raissa Fernandez (BrickellKidz Bus), Pati Vargas (Pati Vargas Entertainment), Fidel Asis Lopez (The Havana Collection), Anneliese Morales (MiamiWorks), Corinna Moebius (Little Havana Experiences), Joe Cardona (Royal Palm Films), and Paul S. George (Miami Historian).

We want to thank our sponsors, Blue Sky Catering for their magnificent food, Ayala Royal Ballet for their amazing entertainment, Sweet Treat Designs for their delicious deserts, Decoraciones Globos for their beautiful decoration, Pilon for their delicious coffee, La Tradición Cubana Cigars for their hand rolled cigars that our aficionados were able to take with them.  Voli Vodka, The Havana Collection for our beautiful wardrobe, Fresco y Mas, Care Resource, Blue Cross Bleu Shield, Quintessential Party Planning as well as Pati Vargas Entertainment.

What is a Community Champion?

A Community Champion is anyone who works hard and well to start and/or support an initiative or intervention, to bring a program or idea to reality, or to otherwise improve the quality of life of a group or of the community as a whole. Community Champions are those who selflessly initiate and maintain the often difficult and frustrating work that sustains the psychological, physical, and social health of a community.

Why honor a Community Champion?

Honoring them highlights not only their character and achievements, but the work they do and the issues they grapple with. It serves as inspiration and motivation to others to support their work, or to become Community Champions themselves. During this evening we honored many Community Champions that have helped us throughout the year. Now that we enter the season of gratitude, we too want to show our appreciation to our community.

Rosi Rosell

Editor in Chief