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Earth Love Fest: A No-Waste Earth Day Celebration

Celebrate Earth Day at the debut of the first of its kind Earth Love Fest, focused on raising awareness of eco-friendly habits

We sat down with Daney Cabrera, founder of Aguacate Sanctuary of Love, to talk about the upcoming EARTH LOVE FEST, taking place the day after Earth Day on April 23rd at Mango Grove Park.

This event is happening the day after Earth Day and is all about promoting sustainable values and creating better habits as a community that “HELP” the Earth instead of further harming it. It is no surprise that aside from being a full-time realtor at Keller Williams and owner of Aguacate Sanctuary of Love she is also pioneering the way for other event hosts to rethink the way they host events starting in Miami.

We are starting in Miami but look forward to taking this concept many places across the U.S

Daney Cabrera

The most unique and important aspect of the EARTH LOVE FEST is the NO WASTE component of it, and since it is Earth Day it revolves around well it only makes sense. Tickets range from $15 for kids to $33 for adults and include a full set of reusable cutlery and straw as well as access to the full event amenities some of which are yoga, wellness classes, music, vendors, kids areas, and presenters.

When and where is the festival happening

The festival is taking place the day after Earth Day on April 23, 2022, between 12 and 8 pm at The Mango Grove Park located at 18550 SW 134 AVE Miami, FL 33177, with plenty of parking.

A detailed poster of the Earth Love Fest, sharing details, contact, and ticket information.

What the event hopes to achieve

The purpose of this event is to showcase companies and products for those seeking the knowledge and resources to improve the conscious and unconscious choices that we make every day. Hopefully by shedding light on and supporting sustainable businesses we can create an immersive experience for guests. Everyone will receive a tote with reusable items upon entry, so that the event is waste-free and recyclable.

An event poster featuring the event’s motto and message.

What you can expect to find and do at the festival

The festival has been divided into 3 different sections: Green Homes, Wellness, and Conscious Eats.

Green Homes

The Green Homes section will be focused on educating and empowering guests to take their everyday unconscious decisions into their own hands by controlling what they consume at the household level.  

By being more conscious of what we unconsciously consume we can set better intentions for ourselves and our family.  There will be vendors educating the public on innovations and practical concepts like tower gardens, alkaline water filtration systems, solar panels, gardening, and more.

The idea is  to get everyone to rethink and reconsider whom they buy everyday household items from.  Using companies that are part of the greater good for Earth can make a huge cumulative effect.  

The green homes section is focused on educating and empowing visitors to be more sustainable in their daily lives.  From supporting green businesses to growing herbs and using clean alkaline water by making more eco-conscious decisions we help ourselves and the Earth is the message of the EARTH LOVE FEST


The wellness section features different healing sessions, massages, yoga classes, speaker sessions, up to 7 spiritual healers, womb healing, and even tepees. There will be lots of opportunities to be exposed to teachers and educators that are willing to share their knowledge on premises so you do not want to miss it .

Guests can participate in a variety of free yoga classes, drum circles, fire dances, empowerment dance classes, and ecstatic dance will be available.

Conscious Eats

Last but not least is Miami’s favorite subject, FOOD!!! At the EARTH LOVE FEST, you can grab your reusable plate and fork and enjoy an array of plant-based vendors. If you know what it means to feed your soul, you know that you can't do that if it's not with wholesome good for your body ingredients.

All the vendors present will be plant-based vendors using whole food ingredients that will… Feed your soul! 

There will be a main stage featuring local artists, and there will also be others displaying their artwork. Participants will be able to present their own ideas, and there will be different speakers talking about various issues with the environment, oceans, and more.

Follow the Aguacate Sanctuary of Love on Instagram @aguacate_sanctuaryoflove, or head to their website for a complete, detailed breakdown and schedule of the event. To purchase tickets go to Eventbrite tickets range from $15 for kids to $33 for adults.

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