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Vic Fangio will influence and change the Dolphins' defense strategy

Vic Fangio's defense strategy is very different from previous Miami Dolphins' defensive coordinators

Vic Fangio's long-awaited appointment as defensive coordinator of the Miami Dolphins has finally been made official. On Wednesday, three days after wrapping up as a coach for the Philadelphia Eagles, Fangio joined the Miami Dolphins. Now that Vic Fangio is in, Miami may alter its defensive philosophy.

Here's what to expect from the Dolphins with Vic Fangio:

Miami Dolphins' defense position right now

Vic Fangio will be working with a talented, dynamic unit that took a step back in the 2022 NFL season but has a chance to rebound under his tutelage in Miami Gardens. The Dolphins were in 24th place in defense, scoring among other teams in the league. In Fangio's 22 years as a defensive coordinator or head coach, his teams have made it to the top 10 in defense, scoring 10 times. His teams have also ranked among the best half of the league 13 times.

Fangio has tutored several of the Dolphins' defensive stars, including Jevon Holland on safety, defensive tackle Zach Sieler, defensive end Christian Wilkins, CB Xavien Howard,  and LBs  Jerome Baker, Jaelan Phillips, and Bradley Chubb.

Fangio's defense: How it works and compares to Boyers

Fangio's defense tries to restrict explosive plays by using a lot of zone coverage and trying to get other teams to run when it wouldn't be a good play. The plan is to use four defensive linemen to prevent the other team from passing too often, which will make them rely on their running game and give the defensive line a chance to score. Fangio plans to achieve this by constantly changing formations after the snap to challenge opposing offenses.

This is in sharp contrast to the Miami defense of the Boyer era, which relied heavily on man coverage, blitzed frequently, and hardly ever swapped safeties after the snap. Boyer's defense aimed to frustrate their opponents through relentless pressure. Vic Fangio's defensive philosophy centers on using clever formations to disrupt the opponents' offensive strategies.

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