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DeSantis criticizes the DOJ for indicting Trump

DOJ indicts Trump for holding classified documents; DeSantis calls it weaponization of federal law 

Current Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been running for presidential elections. Despite his jabs at the former president’s electability, he is defending Trump – his chief rival – after the latter was indicted for classified documents.

Florida governor attacked the Department of Justice (DOJ) for this move. Continue reading this news to get all the hottest updates.

The weaponization of federal agencies

Governor DeSantis called this move weaponization of federal law, which is a looming threat to society. He also iterated that the application of the law has been uneven in the US because it all comes down to political affiliation.

In his tweet, he asked why DOJ law enforcements are more zealous in pursuing Trump but have remained silent about Hunter or Hilary. In this opportune moment, he also promoted how his administration will make DOJ accountability viable to eliminate weaponization and political biases.

This statement is remarkable coming from a second-place presidential candidate who is also considered a possible alternative to the ex-president. He has tried challenging the former president without losing his supporters.

This statement also shows that the Florida governor can take on an ex-president. He has often highlighted their differences in handling Covid-19 and taken oft-veiled and constant jabs at his electability. However, he is also making calculated attempts to not alienate the political fan base that’s growing in Trump’s support after each legal trouble.

Governor DeSantis

Indictment over classified documents

On Thursday, June 8, 2023, Trump was accused of being involved in handling classified documents. This indictment came ten months after the FBI searched Trump’s Palm Beach estate. In his Mar-a-Lago estate, federal agents found classified documents that they took back. Trump said that he has to appear before Miami federal court on Tuesday.

DeSantis sharply criticized the FBI for searching Trump’s estate and called it the weaponization of federal agents by the DOJ. When asked whether he would pardon rioters at the US Capitol or Trump, he said his administration would aggressively issue pardons.

Other Florida Republicans had the same view as DeSantis calling this move a conscious design to take attention away from allegations on Joe Biden for his involvement in a bribery scheme during his tenure as a vice president. The US president called these allegations baseless.

12 out of 20 Republicans have endorsed Trump in the US House compared to only one endorsement for DeSantis.

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