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DeSantis's decision to repeal in-state tuition in 2023 alarms business-immigration group

Gov. Ron DeSantis proposes to repeal in-state tuition for Dreamers to curb illegal immigration

The governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, proposed to reverse the law that allowed in-state tuition to undocumented immigrants. The law was signed by Republican and then-governor Rick Scott in 2014.

DeSantis's decision to reverse this law has caused alarm among community leaders, employers, and students. Read the concerns and what the governor has to say in response to people's alarm.

The general outcry: is it fair?

The American Business Immigration Coalition (ABIS) organized a news conference to advocate for immigration reforms. Miami Dade College's former president, Eduardo Padron said that "they would have to deal with this issue again".

The leaders of this bipartisan group talked about the repercussions of repealing this law. Many called this an unfair decision as putting roadblocks for students when there's a dire need for a workforce in nursing, engineering, and medicine.

In Florida, nearly 40,000 students are undocumented, but they're pursuing higher education due to in-state tuition. 12,000 students have DACA eligibility, whereas 28,000 are ineligible, the Higher Education Immigration Portal notes.

Nearly 5,000 students in Florida lacking permanent legal status graduate high school every year. Deferred Action for childhood arrivals, or DACA, protects young immigrants from deportation and permits them to legally work.

The law was opposed at the time of signing by conservatives, but many Republicans backed it in 2014. Though many of those Republicans are silent on DeSantis' proposal, Rick Scott has called this proposal unfair.

Florida is one of the states allowing undocumented students or Dreamers to attend high school and pay in-state tuition. Many immigrant groups, Democrats, Republicans, and business sector leaders have in-state tuition. Repealing this law would mean making Florida handicapped, according to them.


DeSantis's response to criticism

According to governor DeSantis making higher education affordable requires tough decisions and a lot of hard work. As inflation is soaring high, they want to make the lives of US citizens easier. He referred to his previous remarks when asked to respond to criticism.

While his office has taken hard-line decisions on immigration, the supporters of in-state tuition emphasized how repealing the law would mean many Dreamers won't be able to attend high school at all.

Making education accessible to everyone not only facilitates the future needs of the workforce but also contributes to the economy, as many supporters note.

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