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Migrant Transportation/Flights Bill signed by Gov. DeSantis

Approved by Florida Legislature, the Migrant Flights Bill has been signed by Gov. Ron DeSantis to move unauthorized migrants across the US

The Migrant Flights Bill is a new bill passed by the Florida House which allows the state to move unauthorized migrants into the US. The bill has been sent to and signed by Gov. DeSantis.

Florida House members debated the bill and voted 77-34 in SB-6B, thus, allowing the Unauthorized Alien Transport Program under the governor’s administration to pick up and relocate aliens once the federal government processes them.

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The bill cleanups the Martha’s Vineyard controversy

Many believe that this transportation bill is a cleanup that led to lawsuits against Gov. DeSantis for chartering a private airline to fly 49 aliens from San Antonio to Martha’s Vineyard last year.

This flight led to condemnation and raised many questions for the governor’s office. Since he paid for the transportation by using the money reserved to relocate migrants in Florida, not any other state.

Despite the controversy, the flights bill-makers have taken into account the future flights to pick up and transport aliens from anywhere in the country. Setting aside $10 million for migrant transportation, the bill assures that they will be moved to sanctuary areas.

Failure of the federal government has led to this bill

According to the senate sponsor of this flights bill, Sen. Blaise Ingoglia, the federal government failed and refused to take action for the increasing crisis at the borders. He reiterated that the State of Florida will never be a sanctuary area.

He also stated that these sanctuary cities and states should be prepared to take the influx of refugees, and the state of Florida isn’t responsible for informing the social service providers and governments of these sanctuary areas to handle the refugees.

That said, other Republicans believe this transportation flights bill is a ruse to use migrants as political pawns. According to them, the bill gives the governor a pass to do whatever he wants, regardless of constitutionality or legality.

People standing at immigration section at the airport

A little about the new border rules

Under the Joe Biden administration’s new rules, migrants and asylum seekers from Venezuela, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Cuba can get pre-authorization to enter the country through a Customs and Borders Protection app.

Instead of taking dangerous journeys, the government allows them to take refuge in the US if they can arrange their air travel and have financial sponsors in the US. However, those taking the water route to enter the US are not eligible for the pre-authorization and can face a five-year ban.

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