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Commissioner Rebeca Sosa says "I don’t like to promise I like to deliver"

Commissioner Rebeca Sosa

District 6 Commissioner Rebeca Sosa wants you to see and touch what she has done

For over 20 years in office, District 6 Commissioner Rebeca Sosa has supported senior citizens, children with special needs, and the community. She has put in much effort to pursue her passion of serving the public.

After losing her husband in 2017 and her mother last year, Sosa keeps herself busy by serving on 17 boards and giving back to her community. Her efforts begin with the team in her office. 

“I have a wonderful staff and there is always someone ready to help. We try to help people who have questions, concerns, or problems,” said Sosa. 

Sosa focuses on being proactive with tangible things. She never makes promises that she cannot keep. Part of these tangible things are the buildings that Sosa’s team has built and funded. 

In Hialeah, they built Villa Alegria, an elderly multipurpose facility. In Miami Springs, they constructed a sports multipurpose facility with a theater for children. There Sosa also contributed to rebuilding the senior center located at 343 Payne Drive, to be completed by the end of this year.

Simultaneously, Sosa and her team helped build the Antonio Maceo Center close to Antonio Maceo Park, which provides activities to seniors. Sosa also helped fund improvements to the Sandra DeLucca Center for children with disabilities. 

To children and seniors, Sosa aims to bring safety. In the City of West Miami, a multipurpose facility was built for seniors’ events and summer camps to provide a safe haven for children on rainy days. 

Another one of Sosa’s projects was going door-to-door asking residents if they wanted access to street parking. If they said yes, she implemented it. 

“We did the whole 62nd avenue from NW 7th Street to Miami Children’s Hospital,” said Sosa.

“[These are] things we have been able to do to improve the quality of life.”

Commissioner Rebeca Sosa

Sosa continues improving lives as a teacher. She taught in Loyola Elementary, Coconut Grove Elementary, Kendale Elementary, and is now teaching adult education at Lindsey Hopkins.

Sosa works closely with children with autism and special needs. She also aims to educate the community and protect the quality of life of people in residential areas.

Her desire to improve quality of life stems from the experience of almost losing her own. 

“I had [breast] cancer when I was 28 and they gave me only three months to live,” said Sosa. Years later, to keep her mind off her sickness, her father and husband pushed her to run for Commissioner of the City of West Miami in 1990. She won.

Since then, Sosa has extended her hand to people in need. Just recently she did this through two events. 

First, with the help of the League Against Cancer, a facility which provides free treatment to eligible cancer patients, Sosa is helping 30 uninsured women receive free mammograms. 

“As a breast cancer survivor, I know how difficult it is to deal with cancer and want to do my part to help as many women as I can get screened,” said Sosa.

The second event occurred on March 7 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., when Sosa worked with FPL and Red Cross to provide 100-200 residents in the City of Hialeah with fire alarms.

According to Manuel Orbis Jr., special projects liaison in Sosa’s office, seven children and adults die daily due to house fires. Working smoke detectors cut this risk by 50 percent. 

Since 2014, the Red Cross has made 850,000 households safer. With Sosa’s efforts, this continued. 

Sosa wants citizens to follow her footsteps and give back.

“I wish that everyone can wake up every day and when they open their eyes, they give thanks to God”

Commissioner Rebeca Sosa

“When [we] go out there, we find a way to be positive. We find a way to extend a hand to someone.”

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