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Commissioner Manolo Reyes transforms District 4 with remarkable infrastructure projects

In a proactive move to enhance road safety and curb reckless driving, District 4 Commissioner Manolo Reyes announced an exciting project to transform the intersection at SW 32nd Avenue and SW 5th Street, adjacent to the bustling Auburndale Elementary School. With traffic rising along significant arteries, neighborhood street speeding concerns have echoed through the district. Commissioner Reyes, known for his dedication to community welfare, is taking decisive action to address these concerns and prioritize the safety of residents, especially the children and parents of Auburndale Elementary School.

Revolutionizing local traffic and road safety

Through this innovative project, this reconstruction’s primary goal is to ensure the safety of Miami residents, with a particular focus on the students and parents associated with Auburndale Elementary School.

At the heart of this initiative lies the installation of two raised intersections designed for traffic calming. These installations discourage speeding and foster a safer environment for pedestrians. Furthermore, a central island within the intersection will act as a natural speed deterrent, further enhancing the security of all road users. This comprehensive project also encompasses the installation of new ADA accessibility ramps, simplifying navigation for individuals with disabilities. Drainage enhancements and improved pavement markings will elevate overall pedestrian safety, creating a more walker-friendly atmosphere.

Commissioner Manolo Reyes: The Driving Force Behind District 4's Remarkable Transformation

Miami's District 4 has witnessed a transformative journey, primarily attributed to the foresight and dedication of Commissioner Manolo Reyes.

In his six-year tenure, Commissioner Reyes has channeled over $50 million from State Infrastructure Funds toward the district's upliftment. This has led to refurbishing and replacing over 13 miles of sidewalks, averting potential lawsuits and saving the city a significant sum.

A greener vision for District 4 has been realized by planting over 3,500 trees. This, combined with an investment exceeding $30 million, has rejuvenated parks and community centers and even brought an Olympic-sized swimming pool to Shenandoah.

Furthermore, with a nearly $90 million investment in drainage and road resurfacing projects, District 4 stands better equipped to combat heavy rainfall and flooding. Commissioner Reyes has fulfilled and surpassed his commitment to enhancing the district's living standards through these endeavors.

Manolo Reyes posing for picture with other people at construction site

Revitalizing District 4: Commissioner Manolo Reyes Spearheads Key Infrastructure Projects

Commissioner Manolo Reyes is at the forefront of several pivotal projects aimed at rejuvenating District 4.

Here's a snapshot of the initiatives underway:

• East Flagami Neighborhood Upliftment: This is a $32 Million dollar project, which includes constructing a new pump station to inject water approximately 150 feet deep. This comprehensive project encompasses road reconstruction, enhanced drainage systems, sidewalk installations, ADA-compliant ramps, and the introduction of a new pump station. The focus is ensuring efficient stormwater management through exfiltration trenches and improved pipe conveyance.

• Golden Pines Roadway Revamp: A holistic approach is being taken to upgrade this area. The project will see the installation of an 8-inch water main, new driveways, sidewalks, and curbs. A new drainage system will be implemented, complemented by pavement restoration, clear pavement markings, and swale re-grading and sodding.

• Addressing Roads in Dire Condition: The City of Miami's Office of Capital Improvements is diligently working on the "Very Poor Condition Roads Improvements" initiative. Targeting roads outside the priority drainage basins, this project aims to reconstruct approximately 3.7 miles of roads. It's a significant undertaking under the Miami Forever Bond - Roads Category.

• SW 29 Avenue Enhancements: Stretching from SW 23 Terrace to SW 23 Street, this project is set to bring about a range of improvements. From driveway approaches, sidewalks, and curbs to a revamped drainage system and swale regrading, the focus is on comprehensive roadway enhancement.

Commissioner Reyes demonstrates his unwavering commitment to District 4's progress and well-being through these projects. Stay informed about more exciting news and community projects in Miami!

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  • Commissioner Reyes is the example of public service for the community. We are very proud of his work and commitment to our city.