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CNBC's newest primetime series Money Court is a must-see!

Starring businessman and entrepreneur Kevin O’ Leary, Money Court is about bringing justice to financial disputes. Two legal authorities that also provide their expertise to solve the different cases are trial lawyer Katie Phang and former judge Ada Pozo. 

To come on the show, contestants sign that whatever is decided will be what is done. All kinds of money fights are brought on the show. From business partners battling over a deal to siblings trying to claim their part of the family business, all the cases have high stakes with real money and a ruling on the line. 

Along with his legal advisors, Kevin O’ Leary will carefully analyze all the details of each case to come up with a just solution to the disputes presented. Some people will go to great lengths to fight for their money, but an impartial body may be just what is needed to bring peace to the financial predicament.

Money Court premiered on Wednesday, August 11, 2021, at 10 pm and brought on two very interesting cases. The first case that was ruled on was about a clash between a husband and wife about whether they should sell their dream home to get the funds to invest in a new product. The second case was about two siblings that were in disagreement over who owes what when they defaulted on an $8,000 timeshare. 

Money Court Fight

Kevin O’ Leary is well-known for his appearance in ABC’s Shark Tank. He made his first fortune with a software company; however, he is an investor in a wide range of companies through O’Leary Funds, he owns O’Leary Fine Wines and is even the author of a best-selling book series on financial literacy. 

Katie Phang and Ada Pozo are two incredible women that appear on the show as well. Phang is a trial attorney, and a media relations and crisis management consultant. She is the founder and partner of Phang and Feldman firm in Miami. Pozo is an attorney at Pozo Goldstein LLP where she mostly deals with immigration cases. She has practiced in different areas and served in various public service positions and is the daughter of Cuban immigrants. 

The entire cast is Miami locals, so show your support and tune in for the next episode on CNBC! The show airs Wednesday nights at 10 pm. 

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