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Clogs are back in fashion this season

Celebrities are making clogs high fashion once more as they opt for this popular shoe style

Just when we thought we’d had enough of the noughties and we couldn’t see more popular trends from the 2000s resurging, we have the return of the clog in high fashion.

This shoe style was popular in mainstream fashion a couple of decades ago when everyone had a pair of these wooden platform shoes in a distinct style and design, and now, it seems we’re making our way back. In fact, even Bella Hadid was spotted wearing a pair as she was out and about.

The response to the return of the clog

Many people are rejoicing at clogs making a comeback for a variety of reasons. For one, they’re an easy style to wear and can be slipped on as easily and as comfortably as Crocs or Vans, or even flip flops. However, they’re a tad more sophisticated and dressier, giving you the option to combine comfort and style in a single look.

Clogs give you some much-needed height and elevation while also ensuring that your look is modern and trendy. Fashion enthusiasts are enjoying this trend along with others, including crop tops and tiny tees, frosted tips, funky jewelry, and tons of lipgloss.

A traditional pair of clogs placed on a wooden table.

Is it worth getting a pair for yourself?

While celebrities like Bella Hadid are flaunting Bubble Clogs and other styles, it’s worth wondering: is this something I should spend money on?

Well, it’s entirely upto you! If you enjoy their unique design and look and want something that adds more of a funky, fun touch to your outfit, you’ve got to get your hands on these babies. We certainly can’t get enough of them!

While you can always shop for the classic European style from many places, here are more recommendations straight from the fashion Bible, Vogue.

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