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ChatGPT: A tool to boost creativity

AI systems like ChatGPT aren’t just answering tools; they can also help with brainstorming

Language models and AI systems such as ChatGPT are deemed remarkable tools for answering difficult questions despite their notoriety for making fake scenarios. That said, this tool can also serve as a brainstorming platform if one knows how to leverage it.

ChatStorming can generate questions and answers, leading to better insights on challenging topics. Here’s how it works.

ChatGPT: more than a question-answering machine

Since its advent, ChatGPT has served as a great tool for research. Though it’s famous for making certain caveats, it does render articular and organized answers compared to most Google searches.

A Ph.D. candidate is even using it for research purposes for his new book. Based on Paul Thagard’s findings, this AI tool is more creative than most of the other bots. Besides ChatGPT, only AlphaFold and IBM Watson have some level of creativity, as noted in Bots and Beasts.

Recently, the author and researcher have found that he can use this tool to generate questions that he himself couldn’t have stumbled on, even with a plethora of research. According to him, ChatGPT is a terrific platform for generating questions on cognitive science and the philosophy of gardening.

Unlike Google searches that generate copied lists, ChatGPT creates a novel list of questions, with many leading to new questions. Thagard recommended asking ChatGPT to answer the questions one by one.

He also highlighted that questions and answers can be repetitive, but they are nevertheless interesting. That said, he suggests double-checking the sources because of this tool’s tendency to create fake references. He has named his method of brainstorming “ChatStorming.”

A person using ChatGPT

Is it plagiarism?

Fortunately, AI-generated answers aren’t subject to plagiarism. The tool itself doesn’t have copyrights to any of the material it generates. However, it’s still intellectual dishonesty to call AI-generated material your own.

Besides generating creative questions, ChatGPT is equally useful in creating hypotheses and concepts. Prompts on generating new concepts to describe songs, dreams, and jokes, new hypotheses on how melodies are produced in the brain, or suggesting new methods to measure musical activity can result in surprising and novel ideas.

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