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Chairman Diaz Sponsors Resolution for Property Insurance Protection for Homeowners

Homeowners in Miami-Dade County now have greater security and options thanks to the property insurance protection resolution

Property insurance protection resolution

Miami-Dade County Chairman Jose “Pepe” Diaz kicked off February with a groundbreaking new resolution that aims to provide homeowners with new levels of safety and protection. The resolution aims to improve property insurance protection and make it more accessible.

The resolution was passed in the Board of County Commissioners Meeting on Tues., Feb 1, and offers a solution to the pressing issue of homeowners’ insurance in Miami-Dade County. It’s a great step toward improving housing insecurity and generally making property insurance protection more accessible, given that it is a need rather than a want.

Why property insurance protection is important

Homeowners in Miami-Dade struggle to find reasonable, affordable insurance premiums and packages for their properties. Private insurance providers tend to charge exorbitant premiums and rates and have several hidden costs that can make the insurance coverage almost inaccessible and unaffordable for the ordinary citizen.

It’s doubly difficult for citizens below a certain income stratum and socio-economic class to pay for these competitively high prices and thus afford protection for their homes.

The difficulty with affordability is more than a minor problem, affecting thousands of locals whose homes are not protected in accidents, hazards, break-ins, and other situations and circumstances.

They must be given that accessibility and homeowners’ insurance are affordable. It’s a need of the hour and one that cannot be ignored any further, which is why it’s incredible to see Commissioner Diaz and the Board step up and take this initiative.

The premise is based on more equal opportunities for finding quality housing due to the rising rates and prices in the market, which can be a deterrent for people who’d like to settle in the region.

More information about Citizens Property Insurance Protection

Citizens Property Insurance Protection would be the first of its kind, offering an innovative, state-backed solution for the citizens of Miami. It is a non-profit, tax-exempt government entity created by the Florida Legislature to help local homeowners and property owners.

The goal of Citizens Property Insurance Protection is to help homeowners who can’t find property insurance coverage from the private sector, where providers are free to price their packages at their own discretion.

It’s a long-term solution to the issue, which has led to Miami-Dade County becoming unaffordable for new buyers and investors, making it difficult for them to continue living here. They’re working on making it a viable solution through a combination of financing, service provision, and regulating the premium charges in the market.

We’re hopeful that this will bridge the existing gap in the market and enable homeowners to find protection and continue living in Miami-Dade County.

Chairman Diaz has been committed to improving the lives of Miami-Dade locals for a long time, working on dozens of important causes, from veteran care to children’s rights. He has been a dedicated public servant, and Miami-Dade is fortunate to have incredible leaders such as him.

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