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Street named “Oswaldo Payá Way” thanks to Chairman Diaz and Commissioner Sosa

Celebrations for the unveiling of Oswaldo Payá Way took place last week in the parking lot of Miami’s Catch of the Day restaurant

Chairman Jose “Pepe” Diaz and Commissioner Rebeca Sosa co-hosted an event last Thursday, July 21, unveiling the incredible “Oswaldo Payá Way.”

The area that falls under Oswaldo Payá Way includes a section of State Road 953/NW 42nd Ave./Le Jeune Road from NW 11th St. to NW 14th St; and honors the memory of the prominent Cuban revolutionary and political changemaker. The event was held at Catch of the Day Restaurant.

Who was Oswaldo Payá?

Born on February 29, 1952, Payá was an activist, educator, and leader originally from El Cerro, Havana, Cuba. During his time attending the Marist Brothers school in Havana, he stood out as the only student who did not join the Communist League in the wake of the Cuban Revolution. He was forced to undergo multiple years of intense manual labor on Isla de Pinos in 1969 after declining to move political prisoners while completing compulsory military service, following which he joined the University of Havana, majoring in physics.

After he was forced to leave when authorities found out that he was a devout Christian. Payá went on to become an engineer and dedicated the rest of his life to serving Cuba and working for change. He started the Christian Liberation Movement in 1987, encouraging different forms of pacifist and peaceful civil disobedience while also critiquing the Cuban Communist Party. He worked for years to galvanize people, advocating for change and critiquing the Castro regime till his untimely demise on July 22, 2012.

To date, many people suspect that the car crash he died in was allegedly orchestrated by the government, which cemented his legacy as a martyr. His daughter Rosa Maria continues in his legacy, pushing for political change in Cuba.

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How Oswaldo Payá Way is important for the community

Oswaldo Payá Way is monumental for Cuban exiles in Miami. It’s a reminder of the incredible work he did and the ongoing struggle for freedom and safety that so many people continue fighting for. In addition to naming this portion of the road after him, Chairman Diaz also declared July 11 as Anti-Communism Day.

Oswaldo Payá has been instrumental in educating, galvanizing, and helping the people of Cuba grow and recognize their political rights and freedoms. You can learn more about him and other incredible people who are important to the local community when you subscribe to our news publication. We’re sharing a wide range of information, including news, events, and much more.  

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