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Celia Cruz now has her very own Barbie Doll

Good news for Celia Cruz fans: the queen of salsa has her Barbie doll to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month!

The Mattel toy company presented on September 15, 2021 the new Barbie doll in tribute to the adored queen of salsa, Celia Cruz, and on the occasion of Hispanic Heritage Month.

The doll wears a tight-fitting red tulle dress with gold embroidery, a rhinestone necklace, earrings and bracelets, a gold wig, and a microphone in her right hand.

“There is nothing more powerful than using your voice! This Hispanic Heritage Month, Barbie is delighted to honor the memory of the inimitable queen of salsa, Celia Cruz, with a one-of-a-kind doll” highlights Barbie's Instagram account.

“As a theatrical, film, and recording artist who succeeded in a male-dominated music scene, Celia Cruz is also known as the 'Latin Triple Threat,' she adds. “Her long and historic career serves as infinite inspiration for aspiring musicians, and through the Celia Cruz Foundation, her legacy continues to provide scholarships for young Latino students."

During the presentation of Celia Cruz's Barbie the poet and novelist of Dominican origin, Julia Alvarez was also honored with her doll.

“In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, Barbie is proud to announce two new one-of-a-kind role models in Celia Cruz, the Cuban" Salsa Queen, "and the Dominican-American author and activist Julia Alvarez. Through their legendary careers and their courage in self-expression, these women continue to inspire generations of young Latinos to tell their stories with pride,” the company highlights on the social network.

Although many would be willing to buy Celia Cruz's Barbie (and more than one!), The Mattel company said it is not for sale.

However, the president of the Celia Cruz Foundation, Omer Pardillo, assured the EFE agency that fans will have to wait until 2022 to take home the version of the Barbie that pays tribute to the Guarachera of Cuba.

Pardillo, who was the representative of the Cuban singer, said that Mattel's project to create the doll began in 2018 but due to the covid-19 pandemic it was postponed and was resumed six months ago.

"I told them that Celia liked red and to look at her wigs that her make-up artist Ruth Sánchez fixed for her," he commented.

He explained that after authorizing the company to manufacture the doll, he sent a photo of a young Celia Cruz, where she appears much thinner than in her mature years, but already with prominent hips.

“I am very pleased with this work. They captured her essence,” said Pardillo, who later pointed out that through this doll the new generations will be interested in learning more about Celia Cruz.

Celia Cruz was born in Havana, on October 21, 1925, and died in Fort Lee, New Jersey, on July 16, 2003.

Her songs "La vida es un carnaval", "Quimbara", "La negra tiene tumbao", "Bemba colorá" and many others have traveled the world capturing the immortal joy of the beloved Celia Cruz and her cry: "Azúcar!

We look forward to the sale of Barbie Celia so that we can have her image and her likeness close to us.

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