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Coronavirus update: What's in it for Floridians?

As the Biden and Harris administration powers through their first few weeks, Americans are actively waiting for a Coronavirus update or some good news regarding the COVID-19 crisis. A nation that has long battled the pandemic on multiple fronts finally needs some relief. 

Coronavirus update on the vaccine position?

The new administration has taken over the White House, and some big decisions are in order. Joe Biden has set the goal for nationwide vaccine distribution and it seems like Florida has already taken the lead. Biden wants at least 100 million Americans to be vaccinated for Covid-19 as a part of his 100-days plan. 

Since Florida comprises around 6.5% of the total American population, it needs to vaccine 65,000 individuals to qualify for Biden's national plan of action. This is good news for the sunshine state. As another Coronavirus update, just in the first seven days of the new vaccine rollout plan, the sunshine state has already vaccinated 68,000 people per day. 

How is the government coping with the Covid-19 vaccine shortage?

Despite the developments, the hospital administrations in Florida state that the vaccine doses are awfully short. The state is looking up to Biden's plan to change that. The 1950 law of the Defense Production Act allows the government to seek help from private businesses to beef up the production of any commodity needed for national defense. 

According to Biden's COVID plan, vaccines and protective equipment fall under the umbrella of personal protective gear. The president has also stated that he aims to improve communication between the federal government and states as far as vaccine distribution is concerned. 

School reopening 

Governor DeSantis is strictly against Biden's cautious approach as far as school reopening is concerned. The governor believes that every school in the country needs to be open already. He argued that the risk of virus infection is lower than that of missing out on the lost educational opportunities. DeSantis considers Biden's approach highly conservative and calls it a major policy blunder. Biden's executive orders include formulating a proper strategy to reopen schools—safely. On the other hand, the governor wants the schools and universities to offer some in-person instructions for the upcoming school year.

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