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CBS Ranks Miami Heat as the 7th Best Team in the NBA

Here’s Why They’re Wrong

As we finally turn the corner towards the new NBA season, many news outlets are creating power rankings of the various teams as a prediction of how they will perform. Importantly, the many moves made by the Miami Heat this year have earned them 7th place on CBS’s power rankings of the best teams in the NBA. 

Miami Heat ranking 

While other news outlets have also ranked the Miami Heat around this mark, many people are arguing that the Heat’s chances of holding the next NBA title are much higher than their 7th place NBA ranking seems to suggest. This summer alone, Miami Heat added a bunch of big-time players to their team, including PJ Tucker, Kyle Lowry, and Markieff Morris. All three of these new team members are expected to make a big impact in the upcoming NBA season. 

Although many still hold that the Miami Heat’s 7th place NBA ranking by CBS is a fair rating, here is why we believe they are wrong. Even NBC Sports, who ranked the Miami Heat a little better than CBS at 6th place, may not be seeing the big impact that the latest moves by the Heat could have on their performance. 

New team, new players  

One reason why the Miami Heat ranking isn’t much higher than this is that these three new players have not ever played a game together. Many believe that they would have to see the new team perform on the court together at least a few times before being able to make an accurate prediction about their upcoming performance in the NBA season. 

Having said that, it is highly likely that with these three new players, the Miami Heat could be ranked higher than its contenders. While they definitely haven’t ever played together, the pure talent between the three of them is absolutely undeniable. 

The teams that were ranked above the Heat, both by NBC and CBS power rankings, are the Nets, Suns, Jazz, Bucks, Warriors, and the Lakers. Sure, these rankings might make sense to some, but with the Heat’s latest line up it is highly likely that the Miami Heat will end up performing far better than all of these teams. 

Therefore, it is a realistic thing to suggest that the CBS power ranking, which ranked Miami Heat as the 7th best team in the NBA, is completely wrong. Many fans, critics, and onlookers are expecting big things from the new Miami Heat lineup, and while most people expect them to outperform the teams ranked below them, many more suggest that they will also outperform those teams ranked above them. 

Sure, it isn’t easy to rank 30 NBA teams before the season even begins and no two parties will ever agree on every team ranking. However, given the addition of three new top players to the Miami Heat, it is fair to say that they will exceed the expectations of the 7th place ranking given to them by CBS news. 

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