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Valentine's Day Gifts Ideas by Carlos Marin Designer

Head over to this Calle Ocho favorite and shop for the best Valentine’s Day Gifts

Carlos Marin is offering an extensive range of Valentines Day gifts!

Carlos Marin has been a favorite with Miami locals for a long time. Located at 1641 SW 8th St Miami FL 33135, the store stocks all kinds of holiday baskets, including their gorgeous Valentine’s Day gifts that clients can get their hands on.

The store specializes in offering gift baskets and other day-to-day essentials such as home decor items, candles, moss designs, and so much more that works well for personal use and as gift items. It’s a great place to shop local and order unique, custom-made presents for romantic partners, friends, and loved ones in general.

What to get from the store

Carlos Marin is a boutique store that offers an extensive range of floral and plant arrangements as well as eco-friendly gift items. They create moss designs that form text and different messages, as well as artwork, frames, and sculptures that can be used for decor purposes. You can choose from moss design figurines, standalone letters, framed artwork, and much more.

Check out his Instagram store for exclusive offers.

They also specialize in all kinds of floral arrangements for special occasions, including weddings, and create stunning flower gift baskets that include other products such as candles and wine. You can work with them to customize the basket as needed and get the perfect present for Valentine’s Day.

Additionally, they have some beautifully curated and set Teraniums using cacti and succulents, created to offer both a functional and visually appealing product for your home.

Another star product from their collection is their range of eco-friendly candles that are made of 100% soy wax, essential oils, and hand-poured with wood wicks. They come in a range of scents and various blends that offer a sophisticated touch to your spaces.

If you’re on the lookout for a Valentine’s Day gift for your friends or romantic partner, they have a wide variety of products to choose from.

More information about Carlos Marin

What sets them apart as a boutique store is their ability to create products that go beyond generic gifts and presents. They use innovative designs, customize based on your requirements and needs, assign personalized consultants to handle your order, and offer same-day delivery which is something you should keep in mind when thinking of Valentine's Day gift ideas.

Additionally, they also use various eco-friendly products such as their candles, which make the perfect option for eco-conscious consumers who want to get their loved ones something extra special. It’s a great place to invest in some high-quality products while knowing you’re supporting local businesses in the process.

You can visit the store, which is located right here in Little Havana’s very own Calle Ocho, and help support local businesses that keep the community going. It’s a great place to head to for Valentine’s Day gifts, birthdays, the holidays, and all sorts of special occasions.

You can also head to their website for more Valentine's Day gift ideas to see some of the items they have in stock or follow their social media pages, including their Instagram page, @carlosmdesigner, to see more items and exciting offers and updates that they share.

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