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Care Resource receives new funding for more healthcare

A donation of over $200,000 from the Health Foundation of South Florida will allow Care Resource to continue their mission of giving better healthcare to underserved communities

In a time so full of doubt and pain, Care Resource a nonprofit health center, that brings positivity into underserved communities in Miami-Dade County has been awarded $246,280 by the Health Foundation of South Florida.

The year 2020 has been one known for chaos, tragedy, and struggle worldwide. This is due to the COVID-19 pandemic taking thousands of lives, financially destroying thousands more, and disproportionately affecting the lives in our communities. 

Considering all these occurrences Care Resource wants to offer a beacon of hope to the community now that they can receive more funds to be able to fund the medical help, they bring to many.

Care Resource maintains their ability to further provide care for those most in need here in South Florida. The Health Foundation of South Florida has provided the funds to purchase equipment for their new expansion in Midtown. It shows community and the coming together of resources that in turn makes investing in the future possible.

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Care Resource will use this funding to purchase medical and pediatric equipment for the recently renovated expansion of the Midtown Miami Health Center and Administrative Headquarters. The investment will also allow for an enhancement to primary care and other services to underinsured and uninsured patients in Miami. 

During a time where there are so many barriers between struggling communities, Care Resource now can begin to break down those barriers within the health care industry. 

The funding from the HFSF will allow for an additional 29 rooms to be equipped with medical equipment, including 14 additional medical exam rooms and 2 pediatric exam rooms. These renovations will strengthen Care Resource’s ability to meet the needs of the most vulnerable populations in South Florida. Preventative and social services will also be added.

The newly renovated health center is expected to open in mid-2021. It will be a beautiful introduction from a devastating year to one that will unite the community that is currently struggling. 

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