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Care Resource keeps dental health as a core service

Care Resource advises people to practice better dental health and oral hygiene

We’ve talked about Care Resource’s many initiatives here, and the wellness organization is back with an important message for Miami residents. Dental health is a huge part of the many health services offered by Care Resource. The organization is dedicated to helping people all over Miami, especially in underserved neighborhoods, gain access to oral hygiene services.

Here’s more on what the company advises.

How Care Resource provides dental health resources

Care Resource's primary treatment program includes dental care as a core service. The team is dedicated to enhancing living standards in underserved minority communities in South Florida. Its clinics in Oakland Park, Midtown Miami, and Little Havana offer high-quality dental health services. Patients with lower incomes, those without dental insurance, and those who are unable to pay are offered reduced prices for most dental services performed at their health facilities.

Dentists treating a patient.

Care Resource’s advice for better dental hygiene

Care Resource advises that maintaining good oral health requires a proactive approach. Preventing dental issues requires a dental hygiene routine that includes twice-day brushing, daily flossing, a healthy diet, and frequent dental checkups. However, it is still recommended that people visit the dentist at least twice a year for a checkup and cleaning, as this is when most dental problems are uncovered and are far easier and less expensive to cure.

For more information and dental hygiene tips, visit Patients already registered at the clinic may use the patient portal to make appointments, refill prescriptions, and do much more.

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