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Calle Ocho’s Happy Wine Hints at New Changes in 2022

Renovations and new sides aren’t the only changes on the West Miami wine bar’s agenda

Happy Wine 2022

The Calle Ocho wine bar Happy Wine started the new year much like any other bar in the West Miami neighborhood. However, it quickly morphed into a reflection of its old self in a matter of 17 days.

The bar has expanded its kitchen, turning it into a commercial full-service workstation for Lola and Oscar, their chef and sous chef, respectively. The wine bar has also added more dishes to its bar snack menu and introduced advanced bookings.

However, the biggest change restaurant owners Juan Carlos Restrepo and wife Joanna Fajardo have in store has yet to come. The couple plans on changing the name of their beloved bar altogether.

Happy Wine: Not Quite

Happy Wine features in Yelp’s top ten wine bars in Calle Ocho. However, the Grove location doesn’t belong to Restrepo and Fajardo, not after the couple had to sell it three years ago.

In 2018, Restrepo was diagnosed with kidney failure and couldn’t juggle two branches and his failing health. He ended up selling Happy Wine in the Grove, keeping the Calle Ocho location, and making a full recovery.

To date, there are two Happy Wine locations in Miami. However, that will change as soon as Restrepo and Fajardo settle on a new name.

Renovations and new sides are not the only changes in West Miami's Bar.

A Glimpse into the Future of Happy Wine 

Despite making several changes to their bar’s ambiance and announcing a name change, Restrepo and Fajardo aren’t willing to compromise its DNA anytime soon. The couple plans to repackage more of the same old tapas, paninis, charcuterie boards, sandwiches, and desserts for which it is so well known.

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