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Bright Lips Gala Seeks Funds & Smiles for Cancer Patients

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On Saturday, April 20th at 8:00pm, the Bright Lips Annual Gala will rally for cancer patients who need that extra smile and support.

Through Bright Lips Against Cancer, Lisandra Balboa, an ovarian cancer survivor herself, personally visits hospitals and individuals with smiles, good energy and what they call Comfort and Survivor Kits (goodie bags).

"I have been thru a lot and when patients see me come into the room, full of life, wearing high heels and of course, wearing the brightest lipstick I can find they look up to me and think: 'Yes we can do this, too. If Lisi did it, I can make it.'" - Lisandra Balboa.

"The hardest part about chemotherapy is the second and third day after you received the medications. Your body is no longer yours! It is all about the side effects: you get so weak, nauseous, tried to do anything, the smells around you bother you... Emotionally it is hard to understand how fast and easy your body deteriorates. Also, chemo helps you realize who your real friends are. Some disappear and others stay by your side like rocks!" 

The patients that meet Lisi feel like they have another friend. Lisandra leaves her business card in every kit to share her words of encouragement and positive outlook on life.

Fill your Saturday Gala night with

    • Fun, red carpet photo ops
      • Entertainment from Hot Spot Entertainment and Luis Noa
      • Open Bar (note: this is an adults-only event)
    • Attractive signature drink of the night "La Teal Vita."

If you didn't know this little detail, you will by the end of the night! Teal is the color for #ovariancancerawareness.

Event Details

Tickets for individuals start at $55, but you can gather a group together for a table in advance and purchase them here. All proceeds benefit Bright Lips Against Cancer to support cancer patients and families that need every bit of happiness, smiles and fun people around them as they undergo chemotherapy.

Saturday, April 20th, 8:00pm

Studio 303
12039 SW 132 Court, Ste 7-10
Miami, FL33186


 For more information, contact:

About Bright Lips Against Cancer

Bright Lips Against Cancer was started by the friends of a cancer patient, Lisandra Balboa.

While "Lisi" always has a superb attitude, preferring to think on” what’s the next step" instead of allowing her cancer, chemo or fatigue to bring her spirits down, her friends noticed she needed a distraction.

Inspired by her bright lipstick colors that she wore daily to shine happily and defy her cancer, the most altruistic action they could take was to spread that smile to other cancer patients suffering through chemotherapy.

Lisandra Castro and Jorge Antonio del Toro founded Bright Lips Against Cancer and today they visit cancer patients, exuding positive energy, gifting bags with goodies to primp and make them smile. These include the Children Comfort Kits, Chemo Survivor Kits and more.

Bright Lips Against Cancer also promotes ovarian cancer awareness and raises funds for cancer research.

Article written by:

Dahlia Ferrer


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