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Bonding through exercise


People who exercise together, stay together

One of the best feeling in the world builds up when we are spending some quality time with our mothers. If you want to add something more to this feeling, you can try to practice some yoga or any other physical exercise together with your mother. Beside improving your overall health, practicing yoga together will help strengthen your mother-daughter relationship by coordinating your actions, leading to nonverbal matching.

As we promised, we are coming back with the second mother-daughter interview provided by Hot Yoga House. Barbara Figueroa (mother) and Monica Figueroa (daughter) decided to attend yoga classes together, so let's see the improvements they noticed after making this decision.

Interview with mom

Hot Yoga House: When your daughter invited you, did you hesitate?
Barbara Figueroa: To tell you the truth, I never gave much thought to Yoga, but when Monica started going and was feeling so happy and looking so healthy, I jumped at the opportunity when she invited me, plus the fact that it was a perfect time to spend together just the two of us.

H.Y.: What changes have you seen in yourself since starting?
B.F.: I have lost 11 lbs and have kept it off. I feel that health wise, I am healthier than ever. Here are some of last blood count taken on June, 2016: Cholesterol Total 178, (182 in 2015), Triglycerides 72 (101 in 2015), which is very good. Every other panel is also lower, plus my energy level is very high.

H.Y.: What pose/class are you most surprised you can do so well?
B.F.: I don't have a particular pose that I do well, I think I am just enjoying the class and feeling very glad to have joined, and very happy to be a part of this family. Now that I have been introduced to Yoga I will never quit. I also enjoy the Hot Pilates class.

H.Y.: Anything else you'd like to add?
B.F.: Thank you!

Interview with daughter

Hot Yoga House: What benefits did you want your mom to get from yoga and pilates?
Monica Figueroa: I wanted my mom to start coming at HYH for a couple different reasons: 1. to give herself 1 hour of time devoted to her, 2. push her physically and mentally, 3. share something that I value and love so much with her.

H.Y.: What changes have you seen in her since she started?
M.F.: Physically her body has gotten more toned and mentality her mind is learning the benefit of stillness which is the ultimate gift we all receive from coming to HYH.

H.Y.: What pose/class are you most surprised she can do so well?
M.F.: I am surprised that she does really well in the Hot Pilates. It's very challenging but she never gives up.

H.Y.: Anything else you'd like to add?
M.F.: Namaste!

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