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Investigation into BASE jumpers that flew into the Miami Circle on New Year’s eve is ongoing

A viral video captures BASE jumpers performing a dangerous stunt toward Miami Circle

A video taken by a bystander reveals a daring stunt that took place on New Year's Eve in Miami, but its purpose was still unknown as of Monday.

Building, Antenna, Span, and Earth (BASE) jumping is a dangerous extreme sport. This past Saturday night in Brickell, three BASE jumpers launched themselves out of a skyscraper despite the obvious dangers involved.

Here’s more on what the video recording showed and how the events unfolded.

What the video captured

Residents of the 50-story Icon Brickell Tower 3 had a lot more to watch than just fireworks on New Year's Eve. One of the occupants of the building recorded BASE jumpers pulling a dangerous stunt. 

The video begins with a spectacular fireworks display and then cuts to three BASE jumpers freefalling into the Brickell Avenue Bridge. On the roof of the building, their three friends kept watch. The three skydivers safely landed atop the Miami Circle, an ancient monument on the banks of the Miami River and overlooks Biscayne Bay. 

The Miami Circle

What residents and management have to say

The video's resident creator is demanding an explanation. Icon Brickell Tower 3, commonly referred to as the W Miami Hotel Tower, is located at 485 Brickell Ave., and its security team is looking into the situation.

The W Miami, a hotel that occupies the first fifteen floors of the structure, had no idea that BASE jumping was taking place, according to management there. The manager of the apartment complex did not want to comment. Moreover, neither the City of Miami nor the Miami Police Department provided a report of the event.

Although BASE jumping from buildings is not explicitly illegal in Florida, it is a crime to trespass on private property or engage in unruly behavior.

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