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Bad Bunny getting sued once again, this time for damaging a fan’s property

The fan whose phone Bad Bunny smashed may sue him for damages

After the video of Bad Bunny throwing a fan's phone was leaked online and became viral, he has been hounded by more trouble than he could have ever anticipated. The musician has received massive blowback for his behavior, including a decrease in song streams and thousands of press releases upset with his attitude.

The consequences don't end here, though. According to a source close to the fan's family, the fan might be filing a lawsuit against Bad Bunny for damages. Here's what we know about this situation so far:

What did Bad Bunny do?

A tweet surfaced with a video showing crows following the artist over a bridge. A female fan approaches Bad Bunny, holding her phone like she's about to snap a selfie. He gives the camera a quick grin before tossing the fan's phone into a water fountain nearby. Astonished, the fan watches as the phone flies through the air.

Millions of people have watched the video, and now many are debating whether or not Bad Bunny's behavior was appropriate. While some have condemned his actions, others have sided with the artist, arguing that the fan breached his privacy.

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Why is the fan suing Bad Bunny?

A family friend of the fan said that the fan is considering suing the reggaetonero for an apology. He said that he has spoken with the girl's family members, who say that she is so shaken up by the incident that she refuses to come out of her room. The reggaeton sensation has caused the young girl emotional and material damage.

Bad Bunny is no stranger to controversy and legal trouble since this is not the first time he’s facing a lawsuit. Earlier last year, the artist was sued by Missy Elliot for copyright infringement. Bad Bunny lost millions in that lawsuit for blatantly plagiarizing lyrics.

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