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Grammy-Award Winning Rapper, Bad Bunny, Becomes Marvel’s El Muerto

Celebrity rapper Bad Bunny is set to be Marvel’s latest star, playing the Aztec Zombie from the Spiderman franchise

Surprising his fans with this announcement, Grammy-Award-winning Puerto Rican musician and rapper Bad Bunny will be playing El Muerto in a standalone film for Marvel. His movie is set for release in 2024.

More about the Bad Bunny announcement  

Bad Bunny surprised fans and audience members at the CinemaCon and announced that he was going to play the role of El Muerto. He also shared that the movie is expected to release in 2024 and that it was an honor for him to bring this character to life.

This is an incredible opportunity for him to showcase his talent, given that the musician has also played several roles and made appearances on popular TV shows including "Narcos: Mexico," starred in "Cassandro" alongside the super talented Gael García Bernal, and will make an appearance on "Bullet Train,” which will hit cinemas this July.

A film crew shooting for a scene in a fairly empty street.

What to expect from his character

El Muerto, aka the Aztec Zombie, is a champion wrestler who initially defeats Spiderman in a wrestling match and later teams up with him to defeat El Dorado. His story is one of the most interesting from a cultural perspective, bringing together major components of Hispanic culture and heritage through a super cool character. The character was created by Javier Hernandez.

El Muerto translates to “the dead one,” which is befitting since he nearly dies after being stung by Spiderman. However, Spiderman rescues him and helps him regain his strength as they form an alliance. The upcoming movie, however, will not be a part of the Spiderman franchise but rather a standalone installment.

It’s exciting to see more representation and diversification of characters in mainstream media, and Marvel seems to be killing it with the release of films like El Muerto, Shang Chi, and Black Panther and shows like Miss Marvel, which features a Pakistani-American Muslim superhero.

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