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World Athletics bans Transgender women from Olympics women’s sports

World Athletics barred Transgender women runners from female competition to maintain fairness in sports

Transgender women won’t be able to participate in the Summer 2024 Paris Olympics. World Athletics has barred them from competing in female sports to ensure fairness in the female category.

The French native Halba Diouf won’t partake in the competition. Get more details by reading the news below.

French sprinter shows disappointment

Born a male, Halba Diouf has been working hard in anticipation to compete for her home country. She trained for the 200-meter race.

The French sprinter started her transition treatment in adulthood. Her change was recognized in 2021 by French Authorities, but that wouldn’t get her a pass in the 2024 summer game.

Diouf expressed disappointment with the World Athletics decision. She cited previous regulations and rules on Transgender women athletes. The rules allow athletes with DSD (differences in sex development) to run in sports events between 400 meters and miles, provided that their natural plasma testosterone levels are below 5 nanomoles per liter. Additionally, the rule also allows 100 and 200-meter sprinters to race.

She was clearly confused and sounded off on the decision. She said that transgender women are allowed to compete in races if their natural testosterone levels are below the required threshold. Transgender women are being stripped of their right to live freely as they want, according to her. She also told the media that she feels marginalized due to this decision, as they’re refusing her the right to participate in the competitions.

A female runner

World Athletics has no regrets

World Athletics shows no regret and stands firm on its decision despite the French sprinter’s plea. They said this decision assures fairness in the competition and protects the category.

According to Sebastian Coe, president of World Athletics, it is always difficult to make decisions if it involves conflicting rights and needs of different groups. However, they want to continue taking into consideration the need to maintain fairness in female competitions above all.

The World Athletics cut in half the level of plasma testosterone for the long-distance run. This means all the athletes with DSD must maintain and adhere to this maximum level for two years before they can participate in the competition.

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