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Who will host the next Women's World Cup 2027? USA and Mexico join forces and present themselves as candidates

Brazil, South Africa, Belgium-Netherlands-Germany, and United States-Mexico were all announced by FIFA and have until May 19 of this year to confirm their participation in the Women's World Cup 2027

The FIFA Women's World Cup 2027 will be the second tournament with 32 nations participating. The first World Cup with so many participants and hosts will take place this summer in Australia and New Zealand.

The Mexican Soccer Federation (FMF) and US Soccer (USSF) announced during the friendly match between Mexico and the United States in Arizona their joint bid to host the Women's World Cup in 2027. It is not yet known if they will be lucky, and it will not be until next year when the venue will be determined.

Asia and Oceania, with no presence in the petitions

Concacaf, UEFA, CONMEBOL, and CAF were the confederations that raised their hands to host the women's World Cup competition: proposals coming from Europe, Africa, North America and Brazil. But Asia had no presence in the requests and Oceania was ruled out, since this year Australia and New Zealand will share the venue.

When will the Women's World Cup 2027 host city be announced?

It will be on May 17, 2024, when the finalist host to host the Women's World Cup 2027 will be announced.  The FIFA Congress will designate the chosen one after "the most robust and comprehensive bidding process in the history of the FIFA Women's World Cup," as they call it.

Women's Team Holding Women's Soccer Worldcup Trophy

How is the host chosen?

FIFA has announced that it will create a Bid Evaluation Working Group and will hire an independent auditing firm to analyze and evaluate each of the bids submitted. From all of them, the council will pick 3 finalists, and then there will be an open vote by the Congress to designate the final host.

FIFA shall establish a Bid Evaluation Working Group to evaluate all bids submitted for the tournament. The FIFA Council shall approve the composition of this Group following confirmation of the candidate member associations. The FIFA Council shall select up to three bids, and the FIFA Congress shall designate the hosts by open ballot.

U.S. as a veteran and Mexico as a novice

If these two countries are chosen, it would not be the first time for the USA, which has hosted the Women's World Cup twice before: once in 1999 and again in 2003.

For Mexico, however, it would be the first time.

And it has been since the creation of Liga MX Femenina in 2017 that women's soccer has started to gain more notoriety and fans, with more young women interested in the sport and more sponsors becoming part of it.

Women's soccer; is increasingly popular

With the Women's World Cup 2023 coming up between July 20 and August 20, a record number of tickets have already been sold. As of a few weeks ago, 650,000 tickets had already been sold and a total of 1.5 million tickets are expected to be sold.

So popular has women's soccer become that it is becoming easier to find it in online bookmakers.

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