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Art Basel Miami Beach is hosting it’s biggest art fair yet for its 20th anniversary

The leading global art platform known as Art Basel Miami Beach plans to go all out with its upcoming art fair

Art Basel Miami Beach is one of the thriving global platforms that bring galleries, collectors, and artists together. Its fairs are hosted annually in various centers, such as Basel, Miami Beach, and Hong Kong.

While hosting its annual fair, Art Basel collaborates with multiple local institutions to promote art and innovative artists. This year, it has taken things up a notch by declaring that 2022 will mark its biggest art fair ever.

Here’s what you need to know about this event.

What is Art Basel Miami Beach?

Art Basel has been endorsing and nurturing art and artists since 1970. This platform came into being with the combined efforts of the Basel gallerists Ernst Beyeler, Balz Hilt, and Trudl Bruckner.

The initiatives of Art Basel aim to develop exclusive artist-led experiences and bolster regional art communities. Art Basel came to Miami Beach in 2002 and became a benchmark for art fairs in Miami.

About Art Basel’s 2022 Art Fair

an art fair displaying exceptional pieces

Since this year marks Art Basel Miami Beach’s 20th anniversary, they’ve decided to go all out with their art fair.

Running from November 29 to December 3, the art fair’s main segment will exhibit about 283 galleries. Art Basel Miami Beach will feature 26 first-time contributors, hosting a larger-than-life event.

Over the last two decades, Art Basel has played a pivotal role in sparking the city's significant cultural shift by offering a unique platform to present art scenes of Europe, North and South America.

Just like their previous art fairs, Art Basel has private, public opening days— November 29 to 30 are private, and December 1 onwards is for the public.

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