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Arsonists trap 21 people inside a home in Florida

The suspects considered arsonists set the Florida home on fire and fled the scene

New Year’s day may have been filled with spectacular fireworks display all over the country, but tragedy struck one Florida home set on fire with 21 people inside by arsonists. The Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno’s office said four people were injured as they tried to break out of the building through windows.

How the arsonists events unfolded

There has been no word on a possible reason for the crime, which took place at a house on London Lane in Bonita Springs. This event comes after a gas pump was set ablaze almost two weeks ago.

Before the fire broke out, deputies were told by residents that a man had been threatening them with a machete inside the house. A second intruder started the fire while the machete-wielding man continued to pour more gasoline through the property. Afterward, the pair exited the house and secured the door.

Authorities report that all 21 persons who were inside managed to escape. Although officials have not disclosed specifics, they have stated that four were wounded in the fire.

A lighter releasing fire.

About the suspects

The arsonists may have fled, but the authorities eventually found them. After searching the area, officials apprehended two people, aged 42 and 63, as potential suspects. A total of three counts of aggravated violence and one count of arson have been filed against both culprits.

Jail records indicate that the 63-year-old suspect is local to the area where the fire took place, while the other suspect is from Tampa. Investigators have yet to find a motive behind the incident.

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