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Man arrested for firing 14 rounds from a Lamborghini on the Palmetto Expressway

The suspect is arrested on charges of opening fire on the Palmetto Expressway from a Lamborghini 

It seems as though history is repeating itself, but this time thankfully, with zero casualties. The  Florida man wanted for allegedly firing gunshots out of a moving Lamborghini on the Palmetto  Expressway has been taken into custody and will be tried in bond court on Tuesday. Troopers said that the encounter was captured on camera and shared on social media, leading to several  charges against 23-year-old Nelson Perez-Valdivia.

How officials caught the suspect in the Lamborghini

The Florida Highway Patrol has confirmed that Perez-Valdivia was the person in the  Lamborghini, as seen in the viral video of the event. The footage begins on the Palmetto  Expressway not far from Bird Road and shows a man's tattooed hand grabbing a tan revolver  and firing it out the vehicle window.

The Lamborghini was traveling about 105 mph when the incident occurred, according to the  FHP, which responded to the scene on Friday morning. After being uploaded on social media,  the video gained a lot of attention. The FHP said they located Perez-Valdivia and confirmed his  identity through the tattoos in the video, which matched his own.

Closeup of a person’s hands in handcuffs

About the charges he’s facing

Perez-Valdivia was accused of shooting from a moving car 14 times. There were also other  charges of improperly displaying a handgun and trying to resist an officer without force added  to the list of offenses.

Although he was granted a $26,000 bond on his current charges by Judge Mindy Glazer of  Miami-Dade County, he was still scheduled to stay in jail as of Tuesday. This is because he had  previously been arrested for illegally displaying a handgun and released on felony bail. Perez Valdivia is scheduled to appear before a different court on Wednesday to evaluate the  accusation.

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