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The driver arrested after causing a wrong way wreck that killed five young adults will await trial in jail

Wrong way wreck driver in a vehicular accident that killed five people on the Palmetto faces charges

A 30-year-old man, Maiky Simeon has been detained on five charges related to the automobile accident after he drove South Florida's Palmetto Expressway in the wrong direction the early Saturday morning of August 20 and collided with another car, killing the five occupants inside.

More about the wrong way wreck on the Palmetto

Around 4:30 on Saturday morning on August 20, an accident occurred when a silver Infiniti car going on State Road 826 collided head-on with a gray Honda car. Simeon, according to investigators, was driving recklessly in the wrong direction when he collided with another vehicle, killing five young adults in the other vehicle in addition to injuring himself. His troubled driving history in Miami-Dade County is evident from court documents.

After being hurt in the wrong way wreck collision, the 30-year-old driver received medical attention at Miami's Jackson Memorial Hospital while being watched by local officers. Once released from the hospital, he was arrested and placed in jail.

According to Mark Chavers, chief of Miami-Dade Fire Rescue, not a single victim was alive in the other car, and the rescue team was required to use jaws to free the victims who were stuck in the severely collided vehicle.

The victims of the wrong way wreck collision have not been given official names by the police, but family relatives and acquaintances have named them Giancarlo Arias, Valeria Cáceres, Briana Pacalagua, Valeria Pea, and Daniella Marcano.

The location of the highway accident where one man and four women died is now marked by a small memorial. Friends and family members have been dropping down flowers there in memory of the victims.

Windshield broken

During the hearing on Tuesday morning they discovered that the levels of alcohol in his blood were well over the limit allowed while accelerating to 80 mph during the wrong way wreck he caused. Despite this Simeons attorney Albert Levine was trying to get him out on house arrest claiming he has lived in Dade County for 10 years and is not a flight risk. The judge disagreed and put him on pre-trial detention. The family members of the victims were releived with the judges decision.

The cause of Simeon's possible wrong-way driving has not yet been made public by authorities, but they have stated that their investigation is still underway.

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