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Amazon's Ring halts police requests for doorbell footage in neighborhood watch app

Amazon's Ring takes a bold step, discontinuing its "Request for Assistance" tool and ending police access to doorbell footage through the Neighbors app. What's the impact on privacy and community safety?

Law enforcement agencies will no longer be able to see Amazon's Ring customers' doorbell video footage via the Neighbors app, as the company has announced the end of the "Request for Assistance" feature. This move, which comes after Ring made police requests public in 2021, raising questions about user privacy and community safety.

User privacy takes center stage

The controversial partnership between Ring and numerous police departments across the U.S. has long been a topic of debate. With the discontinuation of the "Request for Assistance" tool, Ring aims to address concerns about user privacy. The Neighbors app is still useful for neighborhood updates, but police departments won't be able to see users' doorbell videos directly.

Amazon acquired Ring in 2015 for a staggering $1 billion, transforming the home security company into a household name with its connected doorbell devices. The Neighbors app initially hailed as a community safety tool, faced backlash for potential racial profiling and the conversion of residents into informants. With this recent change, they aim to redefine its approach to user privacy.

They may provide video straight to police in situations of immediate threat, as revealed in a letter sent by Senator Ed Markey in 2022 that questioned the company's cooperation with law enforcement. The new policy retains the option for police to obtain the video footage using a search warrant or subpoena, balancing privacy concerns with the needs of law enforcement.

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Ring reveils Neighbors app updates

In addition to discontinuing the "Request for Assistance" tool, it introduces new features to its Neighbors app. "Ring Moments" expands the content scope beyond crime and safety, allowing users to share a broader range of posts. The "Best of Ring" tool showcases a rotating selection of top videos, enhancing the user experience.

The Neighbors app updates, as outlined by Eric Kuhn, head of Neighbors, aim to create a more dynamic and engaging platform. With these changes, they seek to strike a balance between community safety and individual privacy, to foster a more inclusive and diverse environment.

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