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Increase in Rent Notification Now Required from Landlords

An increase in rent prices is increasing housing insecurity in Miami-Dade

In a landmark ruling voted on in an ordinance on Tuesday, the Miami-Dade County Board of County Commisioners now requires landlords to give 60-days notice to their tenants any time there is more than a 5% increase in rent.  

Why this ordinance is needed right now

The ordinance comes at a time when housing insecurity is on the rise in many parts of the country, including Miami-Dade. Not only are houses becoming more expensive, but an increase in rent is also happening without adequate notice, sometimes by as much as $1000.

Although rent control isn’t entirely possible before early  2023, according to the Mayor, it’s important to note that this is a step forward. According to the ordinance, landlords are required to notify tenants about anything more than a 5% increase at least 60 days before it comes into effect and is crucial at a time when rents are skyrocketing.

A person calculates their rent and savings in a notebook.

How the ordinance will protect renters in Miami-Dade

The ordinance aims to protect renters and their interests by providing them at least 60 days to find alternative housing, make new living arrangements, and not be left in the lurch. It also aims to increase stability and regulate the method of setting rent, even if they are unable to exercise rent control at present.

At present, renters are continually advocating for change, talking about the stress these rising rents are pushing them and their families out of their homes, with many being faced with stark increases making the situation incredibly difficult.

Proposed by Commissioner Eileen Higgins, this is one of the strongest decisions that could have been made in 2022 to help Miami-Dade locals cope with the housing crisis and rental issues.

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