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An Orlando man is delighted to think about his new life ahead when he receives his new prosthetic ear from the Personalized Prosthetics Center in Naples.

Gustavo Motta a resident of the city of Orlando, FL, who recently received an ear prosthesis aka auricular prosthesis, created by the world-renowned Maxillofacial Protester Dr. David Trainer at the Personalized Prosthetics Center in Naples. The silicone auricular prosthesis was made in a personalized way and according to Gustavo’s characteristics. We were able to see first hand the joy that fixing a physical attribute that one is not comfortable with for the rest of their life can bring to someone like Mr. Motta. This is one of the many prostheses that David Trainer has made in the 37 years that he has been in business but it was just as special as the first according to them, THEY ALL ARE!

Mr. Motta was born with Microtia, a genetic disorder where the ear is not formed correctly during pregnancy. During his childhood and as a young adult he had numerous surgeries with the intention of rebuilding his ear with his own tissues, but these attempts never had a favorable outcome. It was then when Mr. Motta made the decision to undergo an auricular prosthetic. Mr. Motta went to several clinics where they made prosthesis but none of them performed a prosthesis for aesthetic purposes that are functional and that stay in place.

After moving from New York City to Florida, Mr. Motta  in a last attempt to find a solution for his ear found the Center for Personalized Prostheses. He then contacted Susan Peters wife of Raymond E. Peters, founder of the center. That was when she assured Mr. Motta that he would be more than satisfied with the results if they were given the opportunity to help.  Mr. Motta has been a regular patient of Dr. David Trainer since 2007.

Mr. Motta uses a medical grade adhesive specially formulated to be in contact with the skin and maintain the prosthesis in its position for 2-3 days. After a small cleaning is performed on the surface of the prosthesis it can then be re-positioned in the right place.

An alternative for the adhesive are the implants that can hold the prosthesis without the need for glue. David Trainer works closely and consistently with all major hospitals in Florida to ensure proper placement of these implants.

David Trainer mentioned that “for him it is always a joy, in these 37 years not to see patients as patients but as part of a great family because you work intimately with them and give them back some of the joy they once lost, and at the end of the day while the patient is happy, I am happy “

Mr. Motta is not only a patient, for 12 years but he has become a friend of the center.

The Center for Personalized Prostheses also manufactures Orbital, Eye and Nasal Prostheses. You can find more information and a large gallery of “before and after” photos here . Feel free to contact them directly with any inquiries, they are always waiting and willing to help CHANGE A LIFE. Call today them today (239) 307-2944.