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Post the 2023 Legislative Session outcomes the chances of DeSantis run for Presidency are more likely

Governor DeSantis looks back at an eventful legislative session as supporters expect the presidency announcement

Many people are waiting for Governor Ron DeSantis to declare his run for president, given the recent actions he has taken specially after the ending of the 2023 Legislative Session. After the Florida legislature adjourned, several began counting down to DeSantis '24. When exactly he makes the announcement is up to him. He has a fully operational campaign team, over a hundred million dollars in the bank, and constant media coverage.

As the race for the presidency in 2024 heats up, Gov. DeSantis is keen to take stock of his achievements.

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How DeSantis’ policies affect Sunshine State

The agenda set by the 2033 Florida Legislative Session will have a major effect on the daily lives of Floridians. This state's abortion laws may be among the strictest in the country. Floridian gun owners are allowed to conceal carry without a license. There will be a ban on diversity, equality, and inclusion initiatives at state colleges. All school-aged children from low-income families in Florida can get grants to attend private schools, and all public schools will be reformed to include stricter speech and LGBTQ regulations.

On the corporate end, businesses will enjoy more legal protection and increased tax incentives—but they will also be subject to stricter state regulation of the employment process. Lawyers, real estate investors, and builders will all have plenty of opportunities to enjoy.

Florida State Capitol building

Is DeSantis set to run for president?

It is expected that DeSantis will announce his candidacy for president as early as next week, while his supporters anticipate that he will wait until the end of May to make an official declaration. He has avoided queries about his potential run for national office for the better part of the year, saying instead that he is concentrating on the current legislative session in Florida.

Members of DeSantis' campaign staff are hopeful that the candidate's record of conservative victories would help him win over primary voters who are looking for an alternative to Trump. Other potential backers, like Duncan, are worried that he is focusing too much on his spat with Disney rather than on more pressing matters.

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