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A bathing suit line like no other during Swim Week!

Swim Week is here, and it is bringing the best of the best with it! Designers have been working hard to bring original designs that you will absolutely love. This year, designers Judith Cabrera and Sandra Broche collaborated together to create their new “Amor Propio” Collection (“Self Love” Collection). 

While there are many different designs, patterns, and cuts, it can be hard to find a bathing suit that will be flattering and comfortable. The Self Love collection will be unveiled during Miami's Swim Week and was created with the intention of doing just that. Cabrera and Broche are both Cuban, young mothers that put their passion into creating bathing suits that make every woman feel beautiful and confident! 

After they themselves went through some changes with their bodies after giving birth, they know what it is like to get used to a new look. It is not always easy to love your new curves and the way clothing and especially bathing suits fit. Their swimsuits combine haute couture and sportswear elements to create pieces that accentuate those body parts you want to show off and hide those that you don’t want to show to feel sexy and sure of yourself. 

As Judith Cabrera said, “When we become mothers, our bodies change and that creates a certain insecurity when it comes to wearing a bathing suit. This bathing suit line will accompany you at every stage of your life, describing your story, showing your self-love, erasing those insecurities that you may have since the same piece can be worn in silhouettes with curves, thin, different heights or figure.

The Collection “Amor Propio” Collection will be featured in this year’s Miami Swim Week with New York City's Flying Solo Company, on July 8 in Miami Beach! It is a spectacular event you won’t want to miss! The venue will be La Sombra Garden, located at 1000 Collins Ave.

To keep up with this beautiful collaboration, be sure to follow them on Instagram @brocheandcabrera or visit their website for the latest designs. For more information on Miami Swim Week, visit their website.

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