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5 Things You Can do to Improve Your Wardrobe Today

Are you dissatisfied with your current wardrobe? Is it a struggle to dress every morning? If you answered yes, it’s time for you to improve your wardrobe!

Remember when you were a kid and your clothes continuously changed? When they longer fit or got ripped, they were always replaced by something else. Your childhood wardrobe kept on evolving, staying on-trend, and lookin11g fresh.

When we reach our mid-twenties, we no longer have a strong need to replace our clothes as we did in our childhood, yet we continue shopping as we do. As the new items come in, our old clothes get pushed towards the back of our wardrobes that soon start looking like department stores with piles of clothes. 

It is easy to get overwhelmed and lost in a disorganized wardrobe that doesn’t make you happy. Let’s discuss how to improve your wardrobe in 5 ways:

1. Figure Out Your Style Values

Have you ever bought something that you instantly regretted buying? Well, we certainly have! Regrettable purchases usually take up the most space in one’s wardrobe and prevent them from building a wardrobe that reflects their style and values.  Every one of us has different style values. Some people like buying inexpensive fashion pieces more often, while others want to save for high-quality branded items that are long-lasting.

2. Come Up With New Combinations

To improve your wardrobe and get the most out of the things you already own, you can try coming up with new combinations that you might not have thought of in the past. Sometimes, we just put an outfit together not because it looks the best but just because all items were just on top of the pile. This can limit the number of combinations you can make, and you might end up putting the same things together time and time again. When you have some free time on your hands, think about different combinations you can make from your fashion pieces and put them together so when you're in a rush, you already know what to wear! 

3. Identify Your Style Weakness and Tackle It

Everyone has a wardrobe weakness. For some people, it's the fact that their wardrobe takes space inside their bedroom, and sometimes, things end up on a pile on the bedroom floor. Of course, the best solution to this problem is building a gigantic walk-in wardrobe where all clothing items are visible, but that's not a possible option for everyone. When thinking about how to improve your wardrobe, learn to make do with what you have. You could just regularly sift through your wardrobe, see what you have or don't have, and make a list before you organize. 

4. Rotate and Store Off-Season Wardrobe

Sadly, not all of us have huge walk-in wardrobes that can house all our clothing items at once. Because of this, we suggest resorting to switching between the current season and the off-season. Store your off-season garments away in storage boxes or garment bags and put them under your bed or in the attic. Ideally, try to create a space where you can see everything that’s at your disposal and is appropriate for the current season without being distracted by all off-season items. 

5. Invest In Wardrobe Maintenance Tools

Lastly, maintain your wardrobe! It might take a lot of time, but with the help of maintenance tools, you can create a neatly organized wardrobe. A neatly organized wardrobe will prevent clothes from wrinkling and bunching, reduce the chances of losing clothes in your wardrobe, and maximize the space you have, no matter how big or small your wardrobe is. We suggest buying high-quality hangers, a clothing brush, a clothes iron and ironing board, garment bags, shoe shine kits, off-season storage boxes, etc. 

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