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Car Accident

Unfortunately, about 500 weekly auto accidents are reported in South Florida. In many cases these accidents can cause injury, confusion and stress. In this article we explain the 5 most common misconceptions that people have after a car accident.

1- I CAN’T BE INJURED IF THERE WAS MINIMUM TO NO DAMAGE TO MY VEHICLE AFTER A CAR ACCIDENT. This is not necessarily true. Many of the new car models include "impact zones" that minimize damage to vehicles. However, in many cases that impact is transferred to our bodies causing injuries. We must not forget that the average weight of a car is 3,000 pounds and our body is not designed to withstand that kind of impact

2- SLOW SPEED IMPACTS / CRASHES CAUSE LESS INJURY - Studies reveal that accidents caused at 5 miles per hour can cause permanent injuries in some people. It is also necessary to take into consideration the direction of the vehicle and the position of the person at the moment of impact to determine what type of injuries people may suffer.

3- PAIN MUST BEGIN IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE ACCIDENT- This is not necessarily correct. The high levels of adrenaline in our body after an accident can block the sensation of pain in some people. In many cases, days, weeks and even months can go by without pain. Your auto insurance can cover the costs of your medical evaluation and treatment as long as you visit a doctor within the first 14 days after the accident.

4- I HAVE PAIN, BUT I DO NOT WANT TO GO TO THE DOCTOR BECAUSE I HAVE NO HEALTH INSURANCE TO COVER THE EXPENSES- In most cases, it is not necessary to use your private health insurance to see a doctor after an accident. Your car insurance (GEICO, State Farm, USSA, etc.) has benefits for medical expenses in case you’re involved in a car accident.

5- IF I AM GUILTY OF THE ACCIDENT, MY AUTO INSURANCE WILL NOT COVER MY MEDICAL EXPENSES - Wrong- If you suffered injuries as a result of an automobile collision in which you were at fault, your car insurance can also cover the costs for your evaluation and medical expenses.

Dr. Rodriguez from iCare Chiropractic has over 10 years of clinical experience treating people injured in auto accidents. He is also fully bilingual and is available to answer any questions you may have about injuries sustained after a car accident. For more information visit our office located at 5226 West Flagler St. Miami, FL 33134 or call 786-391-3868.

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