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5 Places You Need to Visit in Little Havana


Little Havana is known worldwide for its one of a kind atmosphere, delectable Cuban delights and beverages as well as its eclectic mix of businesses and shops.

There are many bars out in this neighborhood and therefore the nightlife here speaks of its grandeur. It is a community steeped in rich history and the hub of the Cuban culture in exile.

Over the years I have had the pleasure to grow up in this melting pot while getting to enjoy the many restaurants and bars along iconic “Calle Ocho”. I want to use my numerous experiences and insights to let you in on the tastiest meals, secret spots and most happening places I have encountered. So sit back, check in often and enjoy because I am about to bring you 5 places you need to visit in Little Havana.

La cosa se va a poner caliente!

Below are the first 5 spots in what will be an ongoing series and directory

1) Ball & Chain

Balland Chain 300x225 - 5 Places You Need to Visit in Little Havana

Ball and Chain 2 225x300 - 5 Places You Need to Visit in Little Havana

Yelp isn’t the only venue to rate this as a must stop on 8st. With a whopping 587 reviews that give them an over 4 star rating Ball and Chain is the hub of nightlife on the street. They feature live music daily which ranges from iconic salsa to  afro-cuban beats that will keep you dancing the entire night. Their bar is extensive and will serve any handcrafted cocktail you desire including the traditional “Mojito” which is a must try for all newcomers. If your hungry don’t worry as they have a full kitchen ready to whip up fusion Cuban bar food that will keep you fueled for the night ahead.

2) Guayaba Y Chocolate

Guayaba Choc 300x225 - 5 Places You Need to Visit in Little Havana

Do you have a feud going on with someone and want to resolve it in the best way? Then head nowhere but Guayaba Y Chocolate. The best thing about this place is that the chocolates or the candies which you are served with pass through the professionalism of Alejandra Bigai who is a Venezuelan-American chocolatier always staying on the top of the chocolate makers list in the U.S.

I remember when I took my wife there to try and smooth over one of the many dumb things I do regularly. A little bit of chocolate and guayaba and I was out of the dog house! Since then, we’ve made it our ritual to go there at least once a month. It may not fix all marriages, but it will definitely fix both your stomachs and sweet tooth and make your heart happy!

3) Edukos

EDOKUS 2 e1512675442188 225x300 - 5 Places You Need to Visit in Little Havana

If we as a gang like any place to go to and shed our stressful lives, then it is Edukos.  They boast an extensive selection of beers and their menu is as inventive as it is tasty. Latin fusion tapas that will leave your head spinning without breaking the bank. Try the Philly Cheese steak arepa you’ll thank me later!

As they say, they have the perfect fusion of food, drinks, and good tunes. So, when you ensconce yourself in the ambiance of the tavern, it is almost like your soul finally settles down and forgets all the daily agitation it had received.

4) Old’s Havana Cuban Bar and Cocina

Olds Havana 225x300 - 5 Places You Need to Visit in Little Havana

OLD HAVANA BAR e1512675484301 225x300 - 5 Places You Need to Visit in Little Havana

This restaurant is one of our weekend favorites. We never miss an opportunity to not only taste the great Cuban food and cocktails that they serve but also listen to the soothing Cuban music from different genres.

If you want to treat yourself to varieties, then this is your place because they have everything from beverages to poultry, seafood, and meat with a soulful Latin beat!

5) Sanguich De Miami

In Miami we speak 3 languages, English, Spanish and Spanghlish. Anyone well versed in spanghlish knows that Vicks vapor rub is vivaporu, r2-d2 is arturito and sandwich is Sanguich.

SANGUICH 225x300 - 5 Places You Need to Visit in Little Havana

Sanguish de Miami is a cross between a kiosk and a food truck serving some of the best and tastiest Cuban sandwiches in Miami. Whether it’s a traditional Cuban or the must try pan con lechon you will not be disappointed at this joint. If you do go, make sure you do your taste buds a favor and order the plantain fries. Your mouth will be dancing un guaguanco!

All right guys list numero uno is a wrap. I hope it lets you have as much fun discovering each place as I did and allows you to enjoy a little slice of “Mayami” Keep checking back and join me as we journey through the culinary delights that this great city has to offer.

Hasta la proxima!


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