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5 Best staycations in Miami

Many hotels in Miami, resorts and other spots are great options for staycations

Miami is the ultimate vacation destination, especially if it’s your first time in town. But if you’re a local and looking for something fun to do, there are several hotels in Miami, as well as resorts and various attractions that you can visit for a change.

You can plan an entire staycation in town, creating an incredibly fun and exciting plan for yourself, your family, or your friends. Here are some of the best options for staycations in Miami that are worth checking out:

Staycations at a local hotel or resort

You can book a stay at your favorite local Hotel South Beach or The Biltmore, or some of the many options around the city, where you can stay for the weekend or longer if you’d like. These hotels and resorts have incredible amenities, including top-notch swimming pools, spas, restaurants, bars and clubs, playhouses for kids, and so much more. Nothing beats living in a hotel and not worrying about cooking dinner, cleaning up, or rushing to work. It’s a great way to disconnect for a couple of days.

Escape to a relaxing spa

You could also plan a mini getaway to a local spa. There are plenty that will host you for the weekend or over the span of a few days, giving you the chance to rest, recharge, and feel more relaxed. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy a massage, some pampering, and TLC? Treat yourself to a facial, some manicures and pedicures, and indulge in some much-needed self-care during more staycations in your life.

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Spend the weekend at a cozy cottage

You can rent out a gorgeous, cozy little cottage in Coconut Grove or in other parts of town. This one, in particular, is a beautiful exotic paradise and feels like you’ve been transported into a different, more exotic world. It’s well-stocked with basic necessities and has a beautiful location that kind of feels like something out of your favorite fairytale or a mini jungle paradise. Detox from social media and technology, and ensure that you’re able to enjoy this gorgeous facility to the max. Many rentals have amenities such as pools included in them, so it’s an added bonus for staycations.  

Head over to an outdoor adventure spot

If you’re not really the luxury type, you can try out something more adventurous instead. Miami has several outdoor adventure activities in and around town, from kayaking to surfing, hiking, trekking, and camping. You can find something or the other that appeals to you. It’s even more fun when you have your loved ones around, so get your friends and family together and go on an outdoor adventure together.

Try a unique and fun idea with loved ones

Speaking of loved ones, if you’re looking for a family-friendly staycations, there are also other alternatives such as camping out in your backyard, going on a day trip someplace close to Miami, or exploring local eateries, museums, and attractions. Make it feel like you’re from out of town and on vacation, planning the whole day or week out with different activities. All the fun of a trip without the hassle (and cost) or travel and accommodation.

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