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5 Art tours in Miami that you need to check out

Enjoy these art tours in Miami that will take you through different locations around town

Whether you’re a local or traveling to Miami for a vacation, the art scene in town is worth checking out. There are some amazing art tours in Miami that you can join and check out, getting a closer look into the wonderful museums, exhibits, and districts around town.

Here are some of the best art tours that you can check out in Miami:

Wynwood Street Art Tour

Wynwood Street Art Tours are some of the best tours you can embark on. They include multiple features and benefits, including the historical background of the region, access to the hidden areas around town, a background of the historical areas in town, as well as recommendations for food and drinks in the region. The area is one of the best in town for art tours and exploring Miami’s culture and history.

Little Havana Food, Cuban Culture, Mojito & Street Art Tour

Little Havana is one of the most historically and culturally rich neighborhoods in the city, and there are both regular and art-based tours that are an absolute treat for tourists. One, in particular, that stands out is a private tour that focuses on food, local Cuban culture, drinks, and street art around Little Havana, giving you a pretty all-encompassing and well-rounded entry point into the neighborhood. It’s a great tour for those who want to truly immerse themselves in a well-rounded experience and explore the ins and outs of Little Havana under a professional guide.

An art installation in Wynwood in the Design District

Miami’s Grafitti Guides

Miami is full of some of the most incredible graffiti along its many walls, and it’s impossible to see all of it on your own. That’s why there are several graffiti guides, including this, where you can enjoy the cityscape, take in all the creative and incredibly made graffiti, and stop over in various locations for a photo session. Miami is an art-lover-s dream, and the graffiti along the streets will make your time visiting this city all the better.

Miami Design Preservation League's Official Art Deco Tour

The Miami Design Preservation League has done some phenomenal work in terms of preservation, restoration, and design work in the region, which is why they’re the go-to choice for art tours in the region. They have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to give you the most insightful experience of Miami’s art scene. You learn a lot about the history of South Beach, the various districts, including the Art Deco District, multiple insider stories, and commentary on particular art and architectural movements of the time. It’s an incredible experience if you’re an art and design buff and into history as well.

Miami Design District art tours

Speaking of Miami’s districts, tours of the Design District are also a must-see. There are various design, art, and food tours that will take you through the history and culture of the district, as well as some phenomenal food and drink spots too. It’s an amazing place to explore whether you’re with friends or on your own.

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