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4 Reasons the Cubans of Miami areSuch an Incredible Community

Celebrate the Cubans of Miami and their incredible contributions and shared values

A Cuban woman holds a soda bottle while standing outside a popular eatery in Little Havana.

Miami, like other cities in Florida and the rest of the US, is home to millions of members of the Latino community, in particular, Cuban-Americans.

The Cuban community in Miami is incredibly rich and diverse in its culture and heritage, and it's difficult to imagine a Miami without their presence. But what is it that makes them so special and such an integral part of Miami’s existence? Let’s find out:

They’re a warm, generous community

The Cubans of Miami are a warm, welcoming, and generous community that has welcomed hundreds of thousands of people into their socio-cultural lives. Opening their hearts, homes, and neighborhoods to locals and tourists alike, the community members have also contributed to the economy through hundreds of small businesses and generally made Miami a more welcoming city.

Cuban culture has enriched the city immensely

Not only have the Cuban people of Miami made the city more welcoming, but they’ve also given the city new life. Cuban immigration took Miami from a “sleepy resort” and quiet city to the vibrant metropolis that we know it as.

Through a fusion and integration of Cuban culture, including art, music, food, and of course, values, Cuban-Americans have created a culture that is diverse, vibrant, and almost electrifying. Everywhere you go, you’ll see hints of Cuban culture across town, whether it’s in food trucks or public art displays or the entire neighborhood of Little Havana and Calle Ocho.

A gorgeous mural located on a wall in Calle Ocho, Little Havana, Miami.

Cuisines are a cultural love language for Cubans

Speaking of food, Cuban food is one of the most incredible yet simple cuisines out there. Through a blend of unique flavors, spices, aromas, and practices that are rich in culture, history, and innovation, the Cubans of Miami have brought their incredible cuisine to the city of Miami. In fact, it’s often hard to differentiate between Cuban food and Miami’s local foods—the fusion and overlap are that strong. There is no Miami without Cuban cuisine!

The community has produced leaders and creatives

With such an incredible history of art, music, storytelling, and all kinds of creative pursuits, it comes as no surprise that the Cuban community of Miami has also produced some of its greatest creatives.

Some of the most well-known leaders, including mayors and commissioners, artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, have been members of the Cuban community and have retained their cultural roots and heritage while serving the people of Miami. It’s wonderful to see how deeply integrated the community is within the city while still retaining their cultural and historical values and practices, with the influences of those coming through their work.

There’s so much to say about the resilient and colorful Cubans of Miami who make the city so special and unique. Miami’s Cuban community is thriving and enriching the socio-cultural fabric of the city and has been doing so for decades. It’s next to impossible to imagine the city existing without their contributions and hard work over the last century.

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