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4 Miami public art displays worth your time

Art lovers in Miami are in for a treat because of all the public displays around town! In fact, some of Miami's architecture borrows heavily from art movements (hello, Art Deco District!), and there are multiple museums, art galleries, art exhibitions, and public displays that you can enjoy if you're in town.

We're listing not only some of our favorite ones but also those that are incredibly popular with people in general, so check them out in addition to keeping an eye out for free museum days too. 

These are some of the top picks for public art displays around town:

1. Wynwood Walls Miami 

Wynwood Walls is one of the most iconic locations in Miami. It's open to the public, free, and has been bringing together spectacular displays and featuring some of the most talented artists for over a decade now. You can take tourists (some of which are ticketed), attend events, or just walk around and explore the area. You'll come across stunning murals, graffiti artwork, and so much more during a single trip.

2. Artechouse 

While not technically public, we love this interactive display that is a fusion of art and technology. Many of us yearn to touch art displays and can't because 1) it's rude to 2) we might damage them 3) it's often forbidden.

But Artechouse has some of the most gorgeous art displays that are immersive, experimental, and bring an element of fun in addition to being intellectually stimulating. 

3. Little Havana 

Little Havana is one of Miami's most famous neighborhoods and what makes it so spectacular is the amount of public art all around. Murals, paintings, street art, are the heart and soul of this neighborhood and add so much flair and flavor to it. You can check out stunning art displays, including this mystery mural that is often talked about, or take a tour of Little Havana to enjoy more of the neighborhood.

4. Art Deco District 

While it's not exactly a public art display, the Art Deco District is an architectural marvel worth visiting. Full of beautiful 1920s and 1930s architecture, the gorgeous neighborhood is perfect to walk around in, explore, and become familiar with Miami's culture and history.

Miami is a city teeming with life at every corner and every turn. It's full of art, culture, and the most incredible sights and sounds, and rich history. You can learn all there is to know about this beautiful city by subscribing to Calle Ocho News, a local outlet that produces some of the most exciting content related to food and drinks, culture and history, prolific individuals, the city's history, and important updates. 

You'll also find recommendations for tourists, including the best tours of Little Havana, events, and much more here.

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